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So much has happened recently that when the evening comes I don’t have the energy or the ‘ooomph’ to write it down. Today Monday we have the Town Carnival, commencing at 19.30 where an assortment of lorries sponsored by various firms trundle up the High Street.

Today I drafted a letter to the Town Council about their conduct at our allotment AGM last Monday. I had written a 5 page report and found out from their lack of questions or comments that they had not even read it.  That really annoys me. I shall show it to other allotmenteers before sending it.

I am having half a day off from Covid but I read a really communicable report on the effect of mRNA proteins. It was a joy to read a simple explanation which does not talk down to people.

Dr Ryan Cole has spoken out on the issue of the dangers of the mRNA spike proteins many times before, but believes that the evidence is even stronger now, producing blood clotting, hear conditions, and even cancer. Here is the root of the problem: “[In] normal mRNA, you have cells making messages all day long … mRNA is generally broken down within minutes to maybe an hour or two. mRNA should not persist. … “But when you put this synthetic pseudouridine [in your body],” said Cole. “The body doesn’t know what to do with it, and it looks at it and says, ‘Hmm, I don’t know what to do. So I’m not going to break it down.’ And so it evades that breakdown process, and it also evades an immune response. But it also turns down our immune system, which is not a good thing because other things—cancers, viruses—get to wake up.” And, the rest is statistics as seen in VAERS.


This afternoon I was visited by a friend whose son had been subject to depressions. It happened after they visited a haunted house. The son went to a shaman here in Bath and she discovered certain detritus which had spread from now deceased grandfather who lived there. The shaman managed to remove the detritus and – so far so good – the symptoms have eased.

I am speaking later this week to a web designer about a remote view/ healing site which I want to use as a re-launch vehicle for my work. I have had many disappointments with a site. People read it but they do not take action. I do not think I am writing from their point of view.

Gardening is starting to require too much energy from me so I need something more sedentary.

Last Saturday we did two gardening jobs.  Due to the weather we have not been active for some time so it was good to get out there in the comparatively warm weather with lovely blue sky. Afterwards we went to my favorite tea room in Chewton Mendip. We had two lasagnas for main course accompanied by elderberry cordial followed by generous chocolate cake slices and coffee. That took all the money from the second small job but we had a lovely relaxing time followed by a drive back home again under a blue sky.  No chem trails today.I wonder why. There was little if any wind.

We need gardening to defray the ever increasing utility bills. Council tax £205 pm, gas and electricity just over £100 and that’s with a rebate, Sky TV and internet £66, car tax £31.50, water £29.50.  So that’s over £400 on a good day.  However a couple of jobs per week will more than cover it. I just have to get out there and find lighter jobs which older people are glad to have done for them and which I can do without straining my body.

For some reason neither of us is sleeping well. I go to bed not really tired. Maybe I have to stop watching TV at an earlier hour and read a book. I did not lose consciousness at all last evening.

More madness from the Just Stop Oil people. The police are pathetic, just standing around watching someone climb on a gantry on the M25. I wonder how the protestors got there. Surely not in their cars. In China they would have been imprisoned in a blink of an eye.

So UK is paying France £60m to better control the stream of thugs and drug dealers from Albania that are coming over, conveniently traveling through Europe and arriving at the land of milk and honey with the promise of well paid jobs. They are entertained at our expense £7m a DAY. What about our own poor and needy?

As a result of our house having a Feng Shui examination (see previous) we now have a spot lit Buddha in our back garden to balance the Chi.  The finer points escape me but I do feel well.

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