Christmas and Twixtmas

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Happy New Year everyone.  The period between Christmas and New year has traditionally been the time when I can take refuge and no one expects me to be in or responsive. I can choose my contact methods, whom I respond to and how long a lie in bed I have in the morning.   I could have gone abroad for a week but in my view you need the best part of a week to acclimatize to being somewhere else. The idea of queues at airports appalls me but thank you Army for stepping in and filling the gap after the Border Farce strike.

The ideal holiday would be three weeks (Holy Day > holiday – get it?). The first week is for adjustment and casting off the everyday habits, the second week to deep dive into the vacation and the third week to slowly adjust to returning. I am a great believer in not being too ambitious on vacation as you can end up arriving home more exhausted than when you started. This applies particularly to package holidays where you spend one or two nights in one place and move on.  This inevitably involve early starts.

I had my pheasant for Christmas lunch. I slightly under-cooked it but made up for it by making a stew the following day.  Yummy with onions and carrots.  I bought a wonderful Christmas cake locally, It was £10. That with warm mince pies,  custard and single cream! What a glutton I am.

We watched a small amount of TV. I mainly watch GBNews these days. We spent our time snoozing or reading or watching videos.  We have no family near so we had no obligations in this direction.  I do love the peace and quiet.  Thank goodness we are both independent souls; we can sit in our rooms and work the computers to our hearts content.

Tonight we shall stay up till midnight and watch the first London firework displays for two years. There will probably be the odd glass of champagne consumed.

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