A sunny day (for a change) and meeting strangers

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If you believe in quantum entanglement then we are all one or as St Paul said in his letter to the Ephesians. The full verse is “Therefore, putting away falsehood, speak the truth, each to his neighbour, for we are members one of another” (Eph 4:25).   Pope Francis had quite a lot to say on this.

I do not necessarily think about this every day but I act on it every day. When I am out and about I look forward to making an observation, cracking a joke, passing the time of day with as many people as present the slightest interest.

Today the skies were blue so off we went about 11 am. We like walking along the old railway track (thank you Dr. Beeching) between Midsomer Norton and Frome.  There are always people walking their dogs, taking brisk exercise, standing in groups and chatting.

We parked up by one of the bridges near Mells. There was a small group talking. I went up to them and told them they looked conspiratorial. They liked that and said they had finished their walk and were just de-briefing . One of the men commented about my Volvo. He had been a fan of them and his own had done over 250,000 miles. We had a mutual admiration session about how wise we were to buy one. We discussed the size of the boot (trunk to my American readers)  and also complained about the drinking of petrol.

We met two Irish people who lived in Bath. They were doing a brisk circular walk. We discussed the quality of the local pub in Mells.  I teased them that their walking was just an athletic pub crawl.

I noted that the stream which runs along the rail line had received the attention of badgers as there was a dam. If there is one thing I like and that is unblocking such dams especially in rural and country places.  I duly set to work.  I have never really transcended my love of the elements particularly fire and water. I have played with water all my life.

I wish cyclists would all have  bells. Francoise nearly got run over by a cyclist who was going at a fair speed. She was just one step away from a visit to the hospital and who wants this at such a time of strikes .

The sun’s rays were brilliant- curiously for a day so near mid winter – and the sharpness of their rays threw the tree branches into sharp relief.

And so to home and a late lunch.  Mostly warmed up food from Christmas and another bottle of champagne. Will I ever get used to wine again?

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