The ugly side of food poisoning

It must have been something I ate.  Yes, I bought a pie from the local butchers. I assumed it was fresh but results showed otherwise.  Within hours I started getting pain in my lower stomach.  It was a new type of sharp pain. From time to time I got electric shocks between my legs.

It was a few more hours before I realized I had good old fashioned diarrhea. Frequent visit to the loo without much to show for it. Pain and bloating.  This is the body’s way of complaining.

This was Saturday.  Most of the night was spent watching GBNews, back to bed for a bit, pacing around, more TV. I could not focus enough to read a book. All the energy seemed to drain away. I found I was stumbling around and falling in to things. I did not switch on my computer Sunday. Unheard of.

Francoise gave me some homeopathy. | realised I had to sweat it out. I sat in my armchair, ‘doing’ nothing and letting the body get on with it. Our immune system has been working for us since time immemorial. I avoided eating and stuck to water, a few sips on a regular basis.

Now as I sit here typing , normality and energy has returned and I feel more ‘me’. I must give thanks for health and strength. Must go easy on the coffee and the alcohol.