A walk in the rain

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There are times when we just have to get out of the house, much as we like it. It had been raining on and off for the past 12 hours and we decided to have a wild walk and so we togged up in our water proofs and off we went. Wellow is a fairly snooty little village about 7 miles way. Off we went and our first stop was the ford, where we found that the road was 5 feet under water, and was the water moving. Yes sir! as they say.

Next to the horse stables. We had a cup of tea and coffee and some sausage rolls, then off down the old rail track to Bath (now a walking route)





There was the odd cyclist and dog walker but for the most part we were on our own.  It was lovely to hear only the sound of the wind in the trees and at times the rain on our faces.   It’s a great incentive to be part of nature and turn off the brain. You could call it a free therapy session. Nature has been around before human kind appeared on the earth and will no doubt be around after we blow ourselves up or all die of a mysterious virus. We returned home to a very good pizza which Francoise cooked.

We watched more of the Harry saga. He seems a lost person. How could anyone self destruct so effortlessly.  His worst mistake was saying that he killed 25 Taliban. It is just ‘not done’ and goes against all protocol. Should he attend the coronation of Charles III?  A lot can happen in four months.

I am a great enthusiast for Near Death Experiences.  The one below is particularly good. I love it when people tell it as it is and no matter how untidy the authenticity shines through. Have a watch.


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