To Burnham on Sea (where is that?)

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Today was pleasant, for a change, and the sky was blue. Many roads round here are flooded mainly due to rainwater running off the fields. Originally we planned to take advantage of the weather and visit Ebbor Gorge National Nature Reserve.

Due to very poor sign posting we missed the turning and continued on to Easton, then to Wedmore, and then for some reason to Burnham on Sea. This is not one of the most attractive locations on the south west coast however we thought ‘ why not’

We turned up at a windswept and cloudy esplanade. After some difficulty finding a car space we walked along behind the very high concrete barriers – obviously to deter the more violent waves which they are the recipients of. The tide was out. Mud prevailed and you would not want to attempt to walk out on the sands which are more like quicksand in parts.  In the distance we saw Hinkley Point, the nuclear generating station. We visited the amusement arcade, mainly because we needed to use the facilities. The magnetic fields were high and we did not feel well.

the no-frills resort

We walked down the high street and met a delightful couple who ran a charity shop to support their Wildlife Rescue venture. It was called Secret World Wildlife Rescue.  As we showed genuine interest they warmed to us and we engaged in a long conversation including why pheasants stand in the road and look at you rather than escape. We make it a rule to talk to shop workers as if they were human beings not functionaries. Our openness was richly rewarded.

We then went to a ‘cash only’ cafe, well done. Francoise has a  very generous shrimp sandwich with salad. I had an apple pie with custard.  With tea and a latte it came to £12.50.  The conditions outside were about as bad as they could be but the atmosphere inside was welcoming.

No way could we say that the visit was spectacular but there is something homely about such places. We returned home in the dusk. The drive was 55 mins 28.1 miles with very little traffic.   A nice little jolly. Back for tea with vegeburgers and fish pie.

Hover boring the place there are always nice people to be found.

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