Moving from the church as such

I recently joined a branch of the vine Yard Church in Bath. Meetings take place in a disused Methodist Church in Paulton but recently I went along to a home meeting being a small village about 5 miles from Midsomer Norton. We met on Tuesday. There were eight of us and we met the house of Drew and Tally. The meetings open with prayer and meditation and then someone reads from the Bible and we discuss it but there is also time for exchange of information on personal matters.

I also attend All Saints Church in Paulton but I admit I don’t like the style of the services and go to Tuesday morning coffee as often as I can and I enjoy the simple and sincere fellowship from the other people. I have also joined St John’s in Midsomer Norton. It is a bit on the high church side but there is something comforting to me about early morning Communion at 8am when I can set the tone of the day in peace and quiet.