TV on or off at Wetherspoons?


I decided to treat myself to a breakfast at Wetherspoon’s this morning partly  to avoid the Monday Morning Feeling but because I genuinely enjoy the food especially the Freedom breakfast. There was a time when the Freedom breakfast was about £1.90 and coffee was 99p but now I found myself paying £5.80 for the two items.

I complained to the lady next to me, called Di, who is often in the pub in quaffing her early morning beer. She said that there were alternatives, for example Jacaranda, the restaurant just outside from Wetherspoons,  where you can easily spend £10 for the same meal so in effect chiding me for complaining about the price.

For the first time I noticed that the television was on in the background with sound. This I took exception to because I was not interested in the subject material and it was more like noise than anything else. Another man heard me complain and joined in so we both went to the bar and asked that the sound be turned off. Evidently it was only turned on because of the rugby last night and someone had forgotten to change the settings.

I said to the others that if I wanted to watch TV I would watch it at home and I came to a pub for peace and quiet. Fine if the TV being on on special occasions such as the coronation but basically I go for a drink and a conversation. The inevitable ackground noise with children screaming and running around,  is a disadvantage if you can call it that but I’m still loyal to the Wetherspoons brand and I’m very glad it has arrived in this small town.

Anyway, after a quick look round Sainsbury’s, off back home on a rather cold and unpleasant day so I must create my own atmosphere.

A new experiment in hospitality – Sunday lunch


To my informal service in the old Methodist Church in Radstock. There were about 16 of us and we met for the service, hearing a talk about how Saul converted into being Paul. The Pharisees of which Saul was one felt that they were doing right thing in persecuting Christians and it took the ‘Damascus moment’ when the Spirit of Jesus said Saul Saul why are you persecuting me? Saul did 180 degree turn and worked enthusiastically for Jesus and eventually died for him.

I enjoy meeting in small groups and we had a  sub-group of 5 of Us. Even shy people can start to speak their mind in a small group even though they can take time to get going.

I came away from the meeting enlightened and invigorated. The essence of spiritual power is Joy and freedom of mind even though the circumstances around us do not give us much scope for optimism.

At lunch time we went to visit a new initiative run by the local council where a two course lunch is offered to members of the public who may or may not be able to afford to eat. It was done on a trial basis of once a month and may be advertised as say the first Sunday of the month or the last Sunday of the month. There was music in the background. All tables had been decorated with spring flowers, at the food was simple and straightforward. As it was the first occasion I would always make allowances but in future there needs to be more coordination of staff. At one point the chef had to came out to take our order.

There should ideally have been an actual waiter but meanwhile a young boy who must have been about 10 years of age did his best to run around and serve everybody. We sat at a table with a young lady who worked as a bar in a local public house joined by her mother at a later time

The atmosphere was very good and I took the opportunity of speaking to one of the town councillors about new ventures and that we should not expect perfection the first time but if you have the same spirit then the events will take on a power of its own and it will grow of its own accord.

We spent a lovely afternoon on the allotment. I did a session of mowing, the first of the year, up and down the borders of the plots and Francoise dug up some leaks and we put up a trellis. Although it was only a few degrees centigrade the work soon made us warm and I took off my outer garments because I was sweating.

I was depressed to read that a hotel called the hotel Beresford in Newquay had been overtaken by refugees. It was a Shearings Travel company hotel and we had hoped to go there for a bit of rest and Recreation but now it looks as if it is not possible.

How many thousands of refugees or so-called refuge do we have to take before the country explodes in Anger?

New Ideas come upon me


As mentioned elsewhere I have been very interested in UFO’s and aliens good and bad – of loving and heartless. I decided to make a special site devoted to interactions between aliens and us, and vice versa. I know from experience that when I jump on something and take action as soon as I get inspired, things go magically fast. This time was no exception.

I got the idea Tuesday 21st February in the evening. I registered a site name and on Wednesday I roughed out a site with the basic features.  Tomorrow my web designer (who just happens to have a passion for UFO’s)  will help me construct the site to make it workable.  I shall also be talking with an illustrator to make suitable backgrounds for the information.

I am already doing so much. Am I mad to do more. Probably.  I believe the earth will become a better place – maybe it will take 150 years or so – so this is a time of awakening and cleansing.  Have a look at this young girl from Germany.   What a blessing to have her around.

I attended my Tuesday evening Vineyard meeting in someone’s home. I love meetings with a small number of people. There was joy and optimism in the group. Joy is one thing you cannot fake.

Today Thursday, off to Bath for my eye injection.  In and out in 10 minutes. I enjoyed my lunch with Francoise at the RUH Hospital. Chicken Casserole and mashed potatoes, apple and pear crumble, LOADS of custard.

To Frome for my acupuncture appointment. I was told that most people are addicted to the following: wheat, dairy milk, sugar.   This would explain the majority of my stomach problems.  To help me move from milk to Almond Milk or their equivalents,  Michael the acupuncturist suggested I imagine milk as ‘dead puss cells’.  Evidently, mastitis in the cows is passed on through the milk.

I straightaway went to Lidl and bought three cartons of almond milk.

A thought for the day, which I find helpful


Our Deepest Fear
By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;
It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

This inspiring poem is taken from Marianne Williamson’s book A Return to Love. Though often quoted as part of Nelson Mandela’s moving inaugural speech, “Our Deepest Fear” does not appear in the speech. Marianne Williamson herself has commented on this mistaken attribution. For Marianne’s website, click here.

A great day transformed by ideas for my new web site. The web developer had a good morning on the creative side and delivered a great landing page. I will release it in 2-3 weeks.

A day of unexpected conversations


I went along to the Vineyard group as I normally do on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. for a so called super Sunday. This is when newcomers and children are invited. There is no actual service. I arrived about 10:10 ish; there were very few adults available to speak to so I just hung around a bit and took the proffered coffee.

I went into the church meeting room itself which had a full-size bouncy castle for the younger children. There are met someone called Rachel after butting in a conversation that she was having  with someone else. I found that she had lived in Dulwich / Herne Hill for some years and then moved to California for 12 years and then returned to Yeovil in Somerset, where her family roots were, to pursue a career in the retail trade. I admired the courage and faith of this single lady.  I discussed with her the features of living on one’s own which I have done for most of my life. I said the main thing is to get married to yourself and the rest is easy.

The Bible says that you should love your neighbor as yourself in other words don’t love your neighbor and hate yourself. I found the conversation stimulating and I hope to meet her at some Future time, possibly inviting her round to meet my wife.

My second meeting was with a very strapping man called Sean. He was a farmer and knew a lot about cars especially American cars and was a very good natural metalworker. He makes ornaments to order. He was very glad to show us on his mobile phone all the things he had created. His enthusiasm for life was obvious.

However, then was more to come. He worked as a marshal at the Glastonbury Festival. Recently he found that there was too much abuse from the general public who think for example they can get in without paying. He said that there are ticket producers outside the gate who will print off a fake ticket that is indistinguishable from the real thing and so he estimates that instead of the maximum 250,000 permitted  people there were closer than 350,000 people and as a result you can hardly move. Some people die standing up and you only discover them after the crowds have melted away.

He said that working for the organization was no longer a joy and the sort of music was not his; he preferred smaller more local festivals. Recently he had a disagreement with a Glastonbury organizers and told them they could stuff their offer to him or words to that effect. It sounds like Glastonbury is now too big and too commercial for its own good. Anyway this lovely man Sean had his 13 year old whom he clearly loved dearly.

Here was me expecting just another normal morning and I had met two outstanding people.

During the afternoon we went to to a small parking area on the canal / railway /walking track system in the pre Beeching era. We walked along the long rail track starting at the Hope and Anchor, a pub near Twinhoe. The walk terminated at Bath. Along the path we met a man with his dog staring at a castle once whom he told us was once occupied by the actor Nicholas Cage.

The man told me he had lived there once in the annexe in the 1980’s and it was haunted but he said he “didn’t believe in all that rubbish”. While we were talking, along the road came a lady from Italy who had a very good English accent. She was at the beginning of a 3 years in history in Bath and was just exploring the area. Were able to give a lot of tips to her and was very glad to have met her. She held herself with great composure.

After some brief conversations we went to the Hope and Anchor pub for a drink. For a medium Merlot, a pint of cider and some crisps I paid £11 18, close to London prices if not beyond but the atmosphere was very good and the pub nestling in a Valley is well worth a visit. The price of a main course meal is around £20 and they are open from Thursday to Sunday. I would say a meal for two with wine would be about £80 to £90.

I would like to walk right to Bath from Midford (the pub) and I discovered there ia actually a bus service Bath to Frome that stops outside the pub. We can Go to Bath, Do the 5 mile walk, bus back to Bath then another bus home.  It is the D2. I love bus timetables.

Bath Bus Station (Bay 8) 10:12 12:12 14:12 16:12 18:12
Wells Road St Mary’s Buildings (W-bound) 10:13 12:13 14:14 16:14 18:14
Wells Road Hayesfield Park (S-bound) 10:14 12:14 14:14 16:15 18:15
Bear Flat (C) 10:15 12:15 14:15 16:15 18:15
Bloomfield Devonshire Buildings (S-bound) 10:15 12:16 14:16 16:16 18:16
Bloomfield Wellsway (S-bound) 10:16 12:16 14:17 16:17 18:17
Bloomfield Wayside (SW-bound) 10:17 12:17 14:18 16:18 18:18
Odd Down Corner (SW-bound) 10:18 12:18 14:19 16:19 18:19
Odd Down St Martin’s Hospital (SE-bound) 10:18 12:18 14:19 16:20 18:20
Odd Down St Martin’s Court (SE-bound) 10:18 12:19 14:20 16:20 18:20
Odd Down Cross Keys (SE-bound) 10:20 12:20 14:21 16:22 18:22
Midford Hillside (E-bound) 10:23 12:23 14:25 16:26 18:26
Midford Hope and Anchor (NE-bound) 10:23 12:24 14:25 16:27 18:27

I started the day feeling a little bit low but was considerably cheered up not only by the bright sunshine but by all the lovely people we met. This is the life that we should live every day giving thanks and sharing. Think of the people in Turkey. No family left. No house. No job. Little food. We don’t know what suffering is.

A day to remember with affection.

Exopolitics Special. UFO’s ET’s Time travel – you name it


I am using this post as storage for a number of excellent videos on the topic of life beyond earth.  Sometimes I think that focusing on this is the only way of staying sane. In what part of a pile of s h i t do you want to sit in?  For some semblance of mind let us focus our minds on the big picture. It will  be added to and published at some time.

NB – I have decided to transfer all this type of material to a special site which is being developed.   Watch out for it.

Over 100 civilizations have visited the earth. Some are good, others not so. There are millions upon millions of planets. Logic must tell us that they cannot all be devoid of life.  Would you say that Clapham South was the only station on the London underground system?

I have been aware of this topic for years but only in connection with ‘UFO sightings’ and did not study it much beyond. Recently I have come across three books which have consumed me.

They are all by an abductee Elena Danaan, french in origin who tells of her abduction experiences and meeting with human-like and not so human-like beings. The books are not cheap but I did not hesitate. Thank goodness I followed my intuition

2020 – A Gift From The Stars, Extraterrestrial contacts and guides of Alien Races
September 2021 – ‘We will never let you down’. Testimony by Michael Salla, Forward by Laura Eisenhower
August 2022 – The Seeders – Return of the Gods – forward by Alex Collier.

Quite extraordinary how she turns out three books in three years. Amazing illustrations of alien beings. I was literally blown away by some of her words. The whole mess on earth makes more sense or at least can be seen with more compassion and objectivity.

The Scientific Principles behind Extraterrestrial Technologies features Dr Michael Salla, a genius inventor Dave Rossi and an abductee Elana Danaan .

More of Elana’s work…..

NO THERAPY WITH GRAYS – addressed to QHHT practitioners / Feb 16 2023

 An overview of Human-looking extra-terrestrials & their agendas – 4th Interview with Elena Danaan

 The Mission – a short movie by Elana Danaan

Other experts in this field, though the sources are not guaranteed. Plus Alex Collier,  Andromedan Contactee and Galactic Historian. A good video on return of Enki, Preventing Nuclear Was and restoring Adamic DNA


Good interview with Alfred Webre, JD, MEd, CERT public health. Had first multidimensional experience in 1973.

How the other half live


Falcons are so cherished in the UAE that they are permitted to ride uncaged in the passenger cabins, with their own personal seats, no less. 

I can see that the people who have this sort of life and share the same planet must have a totally different mind-set from my fairly humble self, living as I do in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, UK. Even when in London during one of my increasingly rare visits, the picture above is hardly credible (or ‘incredible’ should I say).

My time is spent

  • maintaining my website in the hope that others will wake up and see the world for what it really is;
  • assisting my local allotment as the secretary and encouraging others to eat more healthily;
  • reading widely on exoplanetary matters especially visits from over 100 types of so called ‘aliens’;
  • trying to understand the spiritual principles which distinguish us from other forms of being;
  • supporting my friends and contacts as much as I can and I am allowed;
  • maintaining my Christian faith in good order by having fellowship with others;
  • maintaining my personal diary when I can find the time;
  • getting acupuncture treatment to keep myself healthy and balanced and trying to eat well without causing trouble to my Barrett’s Esophagus. Basically – no milk after midday. Chew food well. Eat slowly. Not too much water during meals.
  • Advertising and promoting my talents as a remote viewer and psychic

Funny how things mount up.

Who knows I might have an occasional holiday.

A strange St Valentines Day


It was not a good idea to go out to lunch not having booked. The day turned into a warm and sunny one so we thought we would go to lunch. First stop, the Old Down Inn. We drove into the car park. On seeing there were no spaces we knew that the chance of getting a table was minimal so we drove straight out again.

To the Horse and Jockey in Binnegar.  We entered the restaurant to see at least 10 people waiting for their food. No waitress in sight. We left and decided to go to Wells. We parked in the central car park and went to our favourite vegetarian restaurant, the Good Earth, and had a pizza with a good salad.

Off to Wells Cathedral Gardens. The whole garden area has been stripped of dead leaves and is looking like a short back and side haircut.  The lawns were being given their first mow of the season. I love the sound of mowing and the smell of cut grass.  The children were enjoying playing in the sun.

I have got a great app. on my Android phone.  If I take a picture on my camera it automatically uploads to my PC. No need for messy wires. What a time saver. I wish my phone did not wreck such havoc with my body when I use it.  After about a minute holding the phone my hands start to burn and prickle.

Back home to jet-wash the car.  Many entries to my Covid site.  The perfect day weather-wise and this in the middle of February.

I love this guy


This morning I went to my Vineyard group in Radstock. There were about 20 adults and six children. It is held in a Methodist church. Today was the first Sunday of the month and instead of a service we do ‘good works’ in the area.  Some went off to Wells to do some gardening and painting. We stayed and cleaned the hall. Washing, brushing, vacuum cleaning (Thank you Henry vacuum machines).  I did the vacuuming. It was very satisfying and I found myself feeling more like ‘owning’ the premises.

I realize I take a clean building for granted and of course they do not clean themselves. I had a good talk with a fellow worker from South Africa who left there 30 years ago. She was not so worried about the fare but the cost of staying. As a guest you are supposed to buy shopping and take them out for meals.  Such are the effects of inflation in South Africa.  The Rand is still 20 to the pound but a rand buys far less than when I was there 8 years ago. Hotels cost from £60 per night but typically £100 plus

Imbolc – the first stirrings of spring


Imbolc or Imbolg, also called Saint Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival. It marks the beginning of spring, and for Christians, it is the feast day of Saint Brigid, Ireland’s patroness saint. It is held on 1 February, which is about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Just in case you did not know

So, off to Glastonbury (where else) for the celebration. We went early and spent an hour going round the Somerset Museum of Rural Life. It is very well done and worth an hour of anyone’s time.  I object to paying £3.30 for a latte coffee, as I objected to paying £1.45 for a Wetherspoons coffee. Once it was £0.99, then it went to up £1.15, then to £1.25 then to £1.45.  I ask myself – why?   I know that energy charges are through the roof although the wholesale prices have tanked recently at least since last Christmas. A well known pub was paying £40k for gas and electricity. From April it will be £120k How is anyone going to find that sort of money? £10 per pint? I don’t think so.

We arrived at Chalice Well at 11.30. I had a delicious vegan pizza and a large mug of coffee. The celebrations started at midday. There were three performers and this time they used a loud speaker so the assembled crowd round the well of maybe 150 people could hear without straining their ears.

The talk was about the importance of love as the carrier vibration and being ‘co-creative’ when you engage with another human being. That was my takeaway message.   I had three great conversations, one of which was with a person who was doing a grounding dance in bare feet. Lovely. We engaged. She had been waiting at the age of 38 for a partner who had not turned up yet.  I suggested she stops trying to run the universe and just enjoy herself.

Another long talk with an American New Yorker called Raven. She had a felt pixie hat which was perfect for her.  I did a psychic reading on her ex partner and her current partner.  She turned out to be a Reiki Master so knew a thing or two about energies.  She divides her time between NY and Glastonbury.

To the town for our usual fix of health food.  We drove back via Shepton Mallet and visited Aldi for a bit of impulse shopping.

A great day. The weather held off. It was about 10 degrees C without much wind.    Ideal and not bad for February.