I love this guy


This morning I went to my Vineyard group in Radstock. There were about 20 adults and six children. It is held in a Methodist church. Today was the first Sunday of the month and instead of a service we do ‘good works’ in the area.  Some went off to Wells to do some gardening and painting. We stayed and cleaned the hall. Washing, brushing, vacuum cleaning (Thank you Henry vacuum machines).  I did the vacuuming. It was very satisfying and I found myself feeling more like ‘owning’ the premises.

I realize I take a clean building for granted and of course they do not clean themselves. I had a good talk with a fellow worker from South Africa who left there 30 years ago. She was not so worried about the fare but the cost of staying. As a guest you are supposed to buy shopping and take them out for meals.  Such are the effects of inflation in South Africa.  The Rand is still 20 to the pound but a rand buys far less than when I was there 8 years ago. Hotels cost from £60 per night but typically £100 plus