A strange St Valentines Day

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It was not a good idea to go out to lunch not having booked. The day turned into a warm and sunny one so we thought we would go to lunch. First stop, the Old Down Inn. We drove into the car park. On seeing there were no spaces we knew that the chance of getting a table was minimal so we drove straight out again.

To the Horse and Jockey in Binnegar.  We entered the restaurant to see at least 10 people waiting for their food. No waitress in sight. We left and decided to go to Wells. We parked in the central car park and went to our favourite vegetarian restaurant, the Good Earth, and had a pizza with a good salad.

Off to Wells Cathedral Gardens. The whole garden area has been stripped of dead leaves and is looking like a short back and side haircut.  The lawns were being given their first mow of the season. I love the sound of mowing and the smell of cut grass.  The children were enjoying playing in the sun.

I have got a great app. on my Android phone.  If I take a picture on my camera it automatically uploads to my PC. No need for messy wires. What a time saver. I wish my phone did not wreck such havoc with my body when I use it.  After about a minute holding the phone my hands start to burn and prickle.

Back home to jet-wash the car.  Many entries to my Covid site.  The perfect day weather-wise and this in the middle of February.

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