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I am using this post as storage for a number of excellent videos on the topic of life beyond earth.  Sometimes I think that focusing on this is the only way of staying sane. In what part of a pile of s h i t do you want to sit in?  For some semblance of mind let us focus our minds on the big picture. It will  be added to and published at some time.

NB – I have decided to transfer all this type of material to a special site which is being developed.   Watch out for it.

Over 100 civilizations have visited the earth. Some are good, others not so. There are millions upon millions of planets. Logic must tell us that they cannot all be devoid of life.  Would you say that Clapham South was the only station on the London underground system?

I have been aware of this topic for years but only in connection with ‘UFO sightings’ and did not study it much beyond. Recently I have come across three books which have consumed me.

They are all by an abductee Elena Danaan, french in origin who tells of her abduction experiences and meeting with human-like and not so human-like beings. The books are not cheap but I did not hesitate. Thank goodness I followed my intuition

2020 – A Gift From The Stars, Extraterrestrial contacts and guides of Alien Races
September 2021 – ‘We will never let you down’. Testimony by Michael Salla, Forward by Laura Eisenhower
August 2022 – The Seeders – Return of the Gods – forward by Alex Collier.

Quite extraordinary how she turns out three books in three years. Amazing illustrations of alien beings. I was literally blown away by some of her words. The whole mess on earth makes more sense or at least can be seen with more compassion and objectivity.

The Scientific Principles behind Extraterrestrial Technologies features Dr Michael Salla, a genius inventor Dave Rossi and an abductee Elana Danaan .

More of Elana’s work…..


NO THERAPY WITH GRAYS – addressed to QHHT practitioners / Feb 16 2023


 An overview of Human-looking extra-terrestrials & their agendas – 4th Interview with Elena Danaan 


 The Mission – a short movie by Elana Danaan

Other experts in this field, though the sources are not guaranteed. Plus Alex Collier,  Andromedan Contactee and Galactic Historian. A good video on return of Enki, Preventing Nuclear Was and restoring Adamic DNA


Good interview with Alfred Webre, JD, MEd, CERT public health. Had first multidimensional experience in 1973.

Gregg Braden Official Locked in Vatican Library Vaults – the real history of E.T. Visitations to planet Earth




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