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Falcons are so cherished in the UAE that they are permitted to ride uncaged in the passenger cabins, with their own personal seats, no less. 

I can see that the people who have this sort of life and share the same planet must have a totally different mind-set from my fairly humble self, living as I do in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, UK. Even when in London during one of my increasingly rare visits, the picture above is hardly credible (or ‘incredible’ should I say).

My time is spent

  • maintaining my website in the hope that others will wake up and see the world for what it really is;
  • assisting my local allotment as the secretary and encouraging others to eat more healthily;
  • reading widely on exoplanetary matters especially visits from over 100 types of so called ‘aliens’;
  • trying to understand the spiritual principles which distinguish us from other forms of being;
  • supporting my friends and contacts as much as I can and I am allowed;
  • maintaining my Christian faith in good order by having fellowship with others;
  • maintaining my personal diary when I can find the time;
  • getting acupuncture treatment to keep myself healthy and balanced and trying to eat well without causing trouble to my Barrett’s Esophagus. Basically – no milk after midday. Chew food well. Eat slowly. Not too much water during meals.
  • Advertising and promoting my talents as a remote viewer and psychic

Funny how things mount up.

Who knows I might have an occasional holiday.

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