TV on or off at Wetherspoons?

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I decided to treat myself to a breakfast at Wetherspoon’s this morning partly  to avoid the Monday Morning Feeling but because I genuinely enjoy the food especially the Freedom breakfast. There was a time when the Freedom breakfast was about £1.90 and coffee was 99p but now I found myself paying £5.80 for the two items.

I complained to the lady next to me, called Di, who is often in the pub in quaffing her early morning beer. She said that there were alternatives, for example Jacaranda, the restaurant just outside from Wetherspoons,  where you can easily spend £10 for the same meal so in effect chiding me for complaining about the price.

For the first time I noticed that the television was on in the background with sound. This I took exception to because I was not interested in the subject material and it was more like noise than anything else. Another man heard me complain and joined in so we both went to the bar and asked that the sound be turned off. Evidently it was only turned on because of the rugby last night and someone had forgotten to change the settings.

I said to the others that if I wanted to watch TV I would watch it at home and I came to a pub for peace and quiet. Fine if the TV being on on special occasions such as the coronation but basically I go for a drink and a conversation. The inevitable ackground noise with children screaming and running around,  is a disadvantage if you can call it that but I’m still loyal to the Wetherspoons brand and I’m very glad it has arrived in this small town.

Anyway, after a quick look round Sainsbury’s, off back home on a rather cold and unpleasant day so I must create my own atmosphere.

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