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This morning was committee time. By that I mean that our Allotment Association of which I was chair met to discuss the condition of each plot and whether ‘notice of dirty plot’ letters needed to be sent. At 10 am the four of us gathered and walked up and down the 64 plots discussing each one and deciding on the need to reprimand or more like it advise the tenant that something needed to be done. The rules say  ‘75% of the plot area needs to be cultivated’ and this we all have to stick to. Most of the plots were in good condition, particularly commendable in view of the varying weather.

When we write to people  about an untidy plot the first communication is more and enquiry* than anything else. It may be that illness or family problems prevent someone from devoting themselves to their plot. If there is no response we escalate the communication reminding people of their obligations. I guess it is the same with all services. Don’t assume the worst when there might be a benign explanation.

* I did not fully realise until today that Inquiry is a formal request, Enquiry is more informal. Am I the last person to know this?

Yes, its that time of year again, spring. We all gather in Timsbury Village Hall to meet those selling seed potatoes, healthcare products and advertising local environmental groups. There is exchange from and to our garden or allotment or supplier of seeds.  On entry I made a beeline for the cafe where I purchased a piece of banana cake and a cup of good coffee for £2.50.

I sat down next to a couple who had an allotment in Bristol and we put the world to rights. I pick people who look open so instead of sitting ‘by my self’ I can have a pleasant few minutes chat. We discussed in detail whether our rule of 75% cultivation included space for sheds and pathways.

I met Mark, who is the boss of nearby Rockaway Park and we eulogized the new knife maker. Marta his partner thinks he is under-charging. A small knife comes out at about £50, larger knives £70.  All his knives are works of art, custom built.

I talked with a lady called Stef Mills. She sells Weleda products. She also does light massage from top to bottom, £60 for 90 minutes. I talked peer to peer about distancing, value for money, the wisdom or otherwise of offering a cut down reading for new people (we both thought not). I did a chakra reading on her solar plexus (a good chakra for energy draining risks) and her third eye.  I told her I thought she was a natural healer and listener and congratulated here.

Off to do our weekly shop at Lidl’s then to buy some bread at Sainsbury’s.  We had heard that Morrisons is suffering from a £1.5bn deficit since being bought up by an American corporate.  Silly them. Americans are the predators of the world.  Morrisons should have read the small print.

Our philosophical conclusion? – being aware that digital currency is coming, that thousands of ‘refugees’ will continue to arrive in the UK by design, that food shortages, fuel hikes,  fake ‘net zero’ policies, fake ‘climate change’ policies, the sexualisation of children, the destruction of religion and the family, 15 minute cities, probably another manufactured ‘virus’ – is that we have to

  • Keep fit
  • Keep our minds active – learn every day
  • Keep our needs simple
  • Maintain our hope
  • be self sustainable as far as possible
  • Keep faith in God
  • Serve others and be available to them
  • ‘we are members one of another’ as the Good Book says

Its all about quantum entanglement with the invisible universe.


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