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This is from ‘The Nine’ which are a group of aware beings ‘somewhere’ in the universe. These amazing words and many other sage advice can be found in the book The Seeders, Return of the Gods by Elana Danaan

The universe, in its multi-layered creation
is a living conscious entity
It breathes in  cycles, learns and grows.
Yet the universe is contained in each living creation
and all living creation is limitless

Each living being whatever their nature or species
is a sentient cell of the universe
This great body, in the need of experiencing,
will allow some of its cells to become diseased for a while
in order for other cells to develop fighting skills,
discover their strengths,
and learn how powerful is a unified body

Brian: alien civilizations cannot interfere with the life on planet earth (Terra) by introducing advanced technology. They have learned from the Americans as they grabbed anything they could and used it for war purposes. I think that the only way we can get out of this mess is for everyone’s consciousness to rise and we would then see things for what they are.
Friend – the more you rise in consciousness, the more you see. Its a bit like climbing a mountain.
Brian – people say they are open to new ideas, but when you give a new idea, they are not.

You are starting to acknowledge
The holographic structure of the Universe.
You were conditioned to believe that a hologram is an illusion
despite it’s real physics and the contrary of an illusion
It binds the fabric of reality in our coherent matrix

Friend – if it was about the structure of the universe the hologram theory would have to be right. Everything within the universe would have to be holographic.
We need an observer to make something real.

Crushing down and enslaving a society
works by suppressing the access to knowledge
and even the awareness that knowledge even exists…

Creation and destruction
the universe needs both to complete the balance
and evolutionary development

And love binds all creation together

Brian – I break my head of the nature of love. I have got the idea of quantum entanglement which I espouse.
Friend – love is to spirit is what gravity is in the physical universe. It is the binding cohesive property of that which is not physical.
Brian – I almost think that the word ‘Love’ has become so tarnished that it should be abolished.
Friend – It’s a bit like the word ‘gay’. It used to mean happiness and love – which means this pervasive cohesive attraction of all things that come from God to be that whilst in a separated state. Its what holds  all the observers together.  Gravity is the extension into the third dimension where it holds all the atoms together. Gravity strengthens the hold of atoms, in the same way that the soul is pulled together by love.
Love is not the trite thing that we humans make it out to be.
In the same way that  you have photons turning into atoms by interacting with them (one is a freer form than the other). In the same way, the binding potential , the rubber band between all things spiritual is called love, and the rubber band between all things actual is called gravity.

Linear time is the matrix
Wherever there is gravity
Linear time creates a matrix of its own
which is in the shape of a sphere
Dilated around a gravitational body
A planet around a star
a Star around the central vortex of a Galaxy

Friend – ‘Dilated’ may not be translated right, but essentially any gravitational body, something hard and solid. The more it has these qualities the more of an indent it makes on the matrix of the universe.  This is essentially what Einstein said.

A matrix is not an illusion it is a reality of its own
Experienced by all consciousness that exist within it
consciousness experiences mortality

Friend – force between objects is about making and this has to do with the indent that is being made in the matrix. We call it gravity.

Outside of a gravitational sphere
consciousness is free from time
consciousness experiences immortality

Brian – outside a gravitational field, consciousness is freed from time.
Therefore could space travel be instantaneous if there was no gravity.
Friend – then there would be no reality. Gravity is a function of reality not reality itself.
Brian – When I utter the truth I swear I lose half a stone and similarly when I do something ‘wrong’ I feel as heavy has hell. I feel we are continually vacillating between heaven and hell.
Generally if I live in a place that is so entropic, like Terra or planet earth, it does make you feel contaminated whereas if you live in other places where people have learned their lessons and are pure,  and live a long time, it does raise the morale. It is the only thing I can find to do this and that is to go ‘off planet’ in my head.
This is what I do. I visit the planet from time to time,  tell people horrible puns, and then get down to talking to people.   Am I learning much from ordinary people.   The best I can say is that I am enabled to join the dots. I must say I learn more from good examples of the words of Jesus, for example, and you say’ my goodness, I know what he means now’  You need to be doing something, and going somewhere, for (His words) to make actual sense.
I am gravitating to people who are actually doing something for the world and I encourage them in their doing.


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