Another Amazing day, this time at Glastonbury for the Spring solstice

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As we left home for the spring equinox celebrations in Glastonbury, the  rain started. First, in spots and then more continuously. However the overall forecast seemed promising enough if you did not expect sunshine as was the case yesterday Sunday.

We arrived about 11am for the midday celebration. It is always pleasant to arrive early before the crowds come. Fairly soon I was tempted to buy a good slab of pizza, made with wonderful healthy dough and good ingredients.  As I always do I started talking to a lady sat on her own around the camp fire. It turns out that she was guided to move to Glastonbury from Manchester, She arrived in January 2023. She was very well aware of many esoteric things and we chatted away.

I went to the office to check if Caroline, one of my mentors, was there and sure enough she was. We agreed to meet after the ceremony. The well head had as usual been dressed for the occasion. The area was packed about 10 minutes before the midday hour. We started with talks about the importance of love and peace, the development of consciousness,  the changes that are happening in the world – good and bad. We then had a ten minute meditation to collect our thoughts and bless the earth.

It is a tight squeeze for everyone. There are two viewing areas. The ‘stalls’ i.e. the area around the well itself and the Gallery, the path that leads up from the well to the top field.

After the ceremony I mingled and mixed as I usually do. There is a new Head Groundsman called Dave. I sought him out as I wanted to say hi to him and welcome him to the fold. He had a lovely healing voice, fitting so well with the gentleness of Chalice Well, and I drew this to his attention. I went round to the other trustees and staff and congratulated them on their choice. Someone said that they put out the intention and got the right person. I feel I am in the world to make a difference to others. I absolutely love the role

To the High street as per normal.  To the health food shop where we stocked up with quality provisions.  I love the busy notice board, always a sign of a  healthy community.

Me to Burns the Bread for my sausage roll and a chocolate bun.

Francoise to a shop (Starchild)  that sells essences. A real Aladdin’s Cave of esoteric substances.


Realisation of the day – spend time with those who are already on the path of growth. If those who are asleep have chosen to be asleep, why bully them against their will and their disposition.
The biggest treasure in the world is to quantumly entangle (i.e. love) with others.  If we want to go to heaven then we should take as many people with us as possible.

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