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Yesterday Thursday we did not have much exciting food to eat for lunch so we decided to go to our favourite lunch/tea cafe in Chewton Mendip. They do excellent home cooked pastries and pies and lasagna. We had an excellent sample with salad followed in my case with a latte and a Victoria Sponge.  We bought a couple of lasagnas fresh from the oven to have today (Friday).

I saw this wonderful leaflet (above). I love the title ‘Not on Amazon’ spring market which is at the same time a humorous but sad appellation. It reflects a future time when only the giants will remain in business.

I always talk with others in the cafe unless they are the ‘snooty’ type. Some locals are like that. ‘Well off and don’t you forget it’.  One first time customer complained to his wife that his food had not been heated. As is the case with Brits they do not complain (either that or complain too much) so he continued to munch. I told him that in future he should not complain but just ask politely and it would have been done.

Today is my impression of a day off. I work of course but have no deadlines. I met my friend David this morning for breakfast at Wetherspoons. We often refer to the book by Oswald Chambers, ‘My Utmost for His Highest’.  Every day he gives a pithy no-compromise thought. Today’s was ‘Decreasing for His Purpose’ from St John 3:30. We should not interfere with people who are in trouble but hope that through finding the strength they learn to grow stronger in faith. Listen intently with your entire being until you hear the voice of wanting God in the life of the other person. Irrespective of the difficulties and the pain, rejoice that the voice has  been heard.

This volume is not for the faint hearted, for the Woke, for the lazy. It is a vigorous exercise to be pursued on a daily basis.

This evening I have the regular ‘virtual bar’ with members of the Scientific and Medical Network. We use ZOOM.  There are many facilities to ZOOM which most people do not use. One under-used facility is the message/chat section on the right hand side. This can be used to add to the conversation even if you do not get a chance to speak. It can be saved and referred to after the meeting. Hit the small three dots at the bottom of the page on the right.

So, this evening’s session is about spiritual healing as a complimentary therapy. The speakers are Steve Begley and Lynn Brodie. These are two members of my Scientific and Medical Network group who stepped up to the plate and volunteered. We spend some time chatting about everyday things then when everyone is assembled then off we go.

We discussed re-naming the evening after Plato’s Symposium. Unfortunately the evening ended in chaos and Socrates departed fo another meeting.  See this link

The human body has a tremendous self healing ability, even when cells are destroyed they can be replaced. Spiritual healing involves the transfer of energy from the healer to the recipient.  The immune system can be strengthened.  It is not linked to a particular religion and does not depend on faith. The energy is not from the healer themselves but the channeling of the energy from the universe. The laying on of hands was associated with Jesus healing others from sicknesses. A doctor healer network was formed some years ago encourages the acceptance and use of alternative methods as an adjunct to mainstream medicine. Information can be gained about local healers and the working with trusts and various organizations.

Healing is a natural therapy practiced since ancient time. Energies are adapted to individual clients so each case is unique. The healer can work either by touching the body or interacting with the aura. The healer does not promise to cure but anything is possible.

My problem is that Lynn was reading from a brochure and I was hoping for more testimonies. Steve took over – healing is honoring and recognizing the patient. Steve goes into a quiet space with his clients. There are things going on at many levels. Something can shift a few weeks later.  The key thing is unconditional love.  Steve practices Reiki  but cannot label what he does under any category. Steve is a free flowing spirit who is inspired in each case.

Lynn trained in Reiki in 1995 then did the NFSH spiritual courses and has had some amazing experiences. She can see people’s organs such as someone’s pancreas being out of order. A patient found that their arms were raising spontaneously. The patient was treated for over 2 hours but she did not believe how the time has passed. Lynn also got past lives.  She saw someone in a ship with irons that damaged her ankles. This was a good example of past life healers. Steve talked about our information field and how comprehensive it was

A member- I do source attunement healing when we do not use our hands but our intention to lift the client up to source.
Diana from Canada is a hypnotherapist. I call myself a placebo practitioner. I do not think of a ‘flow’ of energy. I tell people ‘ you don’t have to believe in any of it’.  I run a healing session on monthly ZOOM meetings. It benefits the healers if not the healees. My clients are fully conscious throughout.  There is plenty of evidence of the power of focused attention. I can focus on someone thousands of miles away and change their heart rate.

We are drawing energies down to give healing irrespective of distance away that the client is.

Depletion is one of the dangers of contact healing or indeed any type of healing.  We must pay attention to our own heart.  It can develop arrhythmia. We need not to be involved. That is why self discipline is required.   Even Bruce McManaway the famous healer got depleted.
Maybe the main work is to work on ourselves. It is a form of self mastery. Nothing is ‘happening’ but anything is possible.

We must distinguish between talking about healing and the universal need to be healed. We all have a change to heal or be healed. We can listen to each other and listen for activity at a higher level particularly in company.

Alexander technique – would like to hear more about it.  How is healing defined. I question the idea of ‘transferring’.  Is Reiki spiritual? See a treatment called Therapeutic touch.

See the process as interacting as a catalyst, not ‘transferring’.

The power of thought? EST in the 1970’s Volunteers with headaches would be put through questions about the headaches. Maybe a self help technology. Just describe the feelings. Sometimes we discover our abilities by accident.
Draining can happen when we do too much work but also where the client may have an attachment. There are  non physical entities.  Some are friendly and helpful, some are angelic, but there are vampires and fragments of lost personalities,. We as healers can become a target for various forces who are not interested in human beings progressing. They tend to go after you . Healers need to be trained how to deal with these forces.  It is not enough to be a kind and loving person as a healer. That is naive and does not guarantee protection. We need to be ‘clean’. How do you do a risk assessment in this case?

Comment – I am currently having contact and distant healing. 1978 – a conference where Kirlian photography was used to record the aura. It collapse when people’s energy collapses. We can switch on our powers but they can  be the wrong powers.

Comment – I have done Yoga for 35 years  See the work of Philippe Sauvage who is not a healer as such. He hacks into the bio-mind.  He activates the latent healing power in everyone. Its about the one collective bio-mind.
See fireburndoctor.com

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  1. Gerald Roy Heather

    It is all about ‘breaking the ice’! I visited our Village Shop today on the first day of opening in its new location with Coffee Shop incorporated. Since my wife had gone off to an Arts & Crafts engagement I was on my own. On the table was placed a sign stating “Happy to talk”, and I was soon joined by a complete stranger who is treasurer for a neighbouring RC Church and involved in the War Graves Commission. We had a meaningful discussion on ‘the Tyrany of the Pews’ in an ancient Church building and how it can conspire against getting new members.

    • guhnd

      There are many of these ‘talking tables’ and ‘talking benches’ as the idea catches on. People do not need much encouragement to talk especially if they feel at ease with the ‘stranger’. I make an art form out of talking to people in the street or wherever I am. You can never know the often interesting human being that stands in front of you until you make the attempt. I ask timid people – does it really cost so much? The worst that can happen is nothing.

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