Is it selfish to be self regarding? Spot the self-ish elements

Thought for the day

“They may not remember what you said, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel” Maya Angelou.

Self seeking  self regarding  serve serving  self interest   self centered
selfish   self-absorbed, self-respect,  self esteem , egotistic,   narcissistic

Should we feel guilty about any of the Self*** words.


I would not be guilty about the ‘self regard ‘ term.
interest –  means that you want to be involved
Self – is your own true self, with all its talents and potentials

If you have self regard it does not mean ‘self centered’ or any of the others. It means that to be a functioning member of society, to be supportive to your family, friends, colleagues and relations you need to be in good order, to know people, to be connected.

If a person has no self regard, I wonder about their self respect.

Looking after ourselves means having a viable social network, having useful contacts in case anything goes awry, and having an outlet for times of relaxation and recreation.

Can that be wrong or a subject of guilt?

The term Self regard has a mixed heritage but I maintain it is part of a healthy psychology, indeed a part of life.

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