Four stages to the complete control of society

We are in the midst of this, by the way, so its worth paying attention.

Stage one is demoralization.  Government says one thing and does another. Laws appear which do not make sense. The younger generation including students are brainwashed with ideas that can be seen as harmful in the medium to long term (if not immediately). This phase should ideally last 20 years i.e. one generation.

Stage two is destabilization. The introduction of foreign refugees for example, interference with the financial system, the causes of crime neglected, mankind blamed for global warming. This can take between 2 and 5 years.

Stage three is a crisis.   We don’t have to look too far for that one. COV ID. This can take as short as six weeks.

Stage four is normalization. From the remains of society we bring on normalization or as we say in the UK, The New Normal. This can take any amount of time, perhaps indefinitely.

Even after stage one, an awake person can present all the facts to the victim but this will have no effect on their perception. They have been captured. That is why I do not discuss COV-ID with anyone unless I am asked a question.  I do not ask if they have taken the jab. I do not ask why they are wearing a mask. They are GONE.

3 thoughts on “Four stages to the complete control of society”

  1. What a gift to be so succinct, Brian! Our efforts then, as I see it, is to reject the normalisation of dystopian values at every opportunity and be a shining example of what else is available as a more attractive alternative, one rooted in remembering.

  2. Dear Brian
    I am interested in reversing the current government’s attempt to push forward on theses stages. Do you have any thoughts on the idea that Prophet Ezekiel is helping with the transformation and return to a 12D perspective on earth.

    1. You need to take a long deep dive into exopolitics. Search for Dr Michael Salla. Our DNA has been affected by aliens and this shows in those who have taken control of the politics of this planet. NOTHING can be understood unless you view from a universal point of view. Our planet is a little tiddler but its stability is vital to our galaxy.

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