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EFT is a method of using the energies of the body and mind to stimulate the self healing abilities of the body to solve or dissolve their problems. This technique was founded in the 1990’s by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer who worked for the founder of Thought Field Therapy, Dr. Roger Callahan. Craig developed the Emotional Freedom Technique from Thought Field Therapy and aimed to make improvements in his field with this sort of therapy.

My wife and myself have used it from time to time, probably less than we should have done, but then I tend to think that problems will go away on their own when of course they don’t. vI should discipline myself more.

There were five of us on the Zoom call. One had a history of depression but when invited to take part on a one to one level they said they were ‘tired’. I felt she did not want to do the work. I being me jumped in on the grounds of nothing ventured nothing gained.

I have recently come to accept that sugar, bread (most types) and milk are bad for me. A particularly lethal combination is coffee and cake. There is above the critical level of sugar in cake (AKA sugar bombs) and I have been trying to reduce the amount of cake I have at one sitting. I am also replacing my caffeine laden coffee in the mornings with a herbal ‘wake up with’ coffee which is actually chicory with other ingredients. This I drink with frothed up milk or almond ‘milk’.

During this session this evening I realised that the coffee- cake combination was comfort food — but at a price. About two hours afterwards I get an acid in my stomach, the middle bit, the esophagus, and acute discomfort follows.  This can only be relieved with a tea spoon of Sodium bicarbonate or at a last resort, Gaviscon. This is a pink potent thick liquid that seems to coat my stomach with  comfort blanket. It does work but I hate using it.

We focused on the key emotions – pain in stomach – I am a bloke so I don’t admit emotions – I do not look after myself –  I care for others more than myself – is the ‘hit’ worth the pain?

You can see an example of EFT tapping here.

I felt a certain relief and lightness after the procedure and so I know I am on the right track. I know that if I limit my enthusiasm for cake to a very small amount – say half a slice – and have it before say 4pm in the day and preferably in the morning, I will be free of symptoms. Its all about keeping within limits but also looking out why comfort food is needed in the first place.

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