Visit to hospital for my regular eye injection

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Francoise and myself decided to visit Bath whilst I had my injection.  Just to refresh your minds I have a six-weekly injection of Eyelea as the drug is called. It is for Wet Macular in the left eye. Wet is better than dry as dry cannot be treated.  Each injection costs the NHS about £800 per shot plus the cost of the staff time etc. Say £1000. I would be surprised if  more than 1 cc was given.  This makes a total of 1000 shots per litre. 1000 x 800 = er let me think now £800,000.  This represents about — shall we guess… how much profit for the manufacturer?

During the procedure I find it helpful if a nurse holds my hand. Its not that it is painful but rather disconcerting to have someone be so close to the eye. Without sight where are we? The worst bit is when a sticky patch is placed over the eye and held back with a clip. After that you lie back and feel a small prick to into the eye ball and that’s it. I did tell the injecting doctor that I found it conducive to relaxation to have a running commentary about what is going to happen next.  I get a dash of eye ointment and then I am on my way.  By my reckoning that’s injection number 46 over what must be a six year period.

I enjoy walking up and down the corridors to see the various art works. You never know what you are going to find.


Back to Bath to wander round the shops and buy some food. Since the closure of the Health Store in Midsomer we have to come to Bath for our more exotic requests. We like sweet red pepper sauce. Can you get it in MSN? No. On the bus home. Full of people most of whom get off in Radstock, the town prior to MSN. We are almost left on our own to go to our local stop. The 172 bus from Bath continues to Bristol but only for a few more weeks when there is yet another timetable change.  Very tiresome.   So long as we get a good regular connection to Bath, Wells and Bristol then I am content.

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