Too many cyclists!!! – a lovely walk along the Kennett and Avon canal

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So, today is Good Friday. I used to go to church back in the 60’s when really I had no choice. Dad was the vicar and the preacher and the guardian of morals.  These days I see it more like a holiday when no one expects anything of you. I do however fully acknowledge the significance of it. Thank you Jesus for creating an inter-dimensional channel for us by the sacrifice of your life. 

This was the sky over our allotments today. Lovely scudding clouds.

At 11am off we went to the Bath and Kennett Canal.  I guess every living thing and his dog would respond to the warm rays of the sun and the cloudless sky. The roads were crowded but nothing like the queues at Dover and along the motorways as mentioned yesterday in my previous blog.

We arrived at our destination to find the car park full so we had to use the over flow one.  We had to pay £4.20 parking for four hours. During the winter season it is free.  We went for a walk east along the canal path.  It has been some time since I went for such a walk so after a time my back started getting stiff and I decided to return before reaching our favourite destination, a pub and a tea room in Avon Cliff.

We had our usual quotient of madcap talks to strangers. In the sun everyone is in a good mood so its no problem talking drivel to anyone.

The problem is that there are just too many cyclists. They are almost silent and often go fast. THEY see where they are going but if you are walking in front of them and you suddenly step to the side you could be clobbered. It should be compulsory for every cyclist to have a bell.

These were people from a Facebook group. We had a lovely chat with a lady who told us all about it. They had come 5km from Bath and were going to return. You paddle the craft by kneeling, something that both of us could not do for various reasons. I have vertigo and Francoise has a knee problem. I said that being in nature was better than having therapy and she agreed wholeheartedly. She was a happy cheerful soul full of the joys of spring. We wished each other all the best.

This is the season for garlic. The leaves are delicious. You just ‘pick ’em and eat ’em’. I had about a dozen for my lunch. How much nutrition from nature is free should you choose to be aware of it.

Most definitely a canal boat of character. Is this a hoarder’s boat I wonder.

Lesser Celandine a-plenty, acres and acres of them. Isn’t nature bountiful.

Life goes on in parallel. If you cant come to the service station, it comes to you. I have seen another supply vessel with logs and coal but that is normally seen in the winter months.

Who knows what is around the next corner. A bit like life really.

So, back to the starting point. According to my pedometer we walked 7.73 km over 2h and 5 minutes. We would have had a coffee in the cafe but the card reader had gone down and it would have taken 10 minutes to re-boot. Instead we went to the stables coffee bar in Wellow and had the same. We sat in the window and experienced glorious sunshine as if we were in a glass house.

Bring on the warmth.

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