A joyful Easter but a rainy Wednesday

Will it ever stop raining? It is pouring down and blowing a gale as I write. This is supposed to be spring. I know it says ‘April showers’ but this daily battering is too much.  During the afternoon, a sudden ‘out of nowhere’ thunderstorm followed  by hail. I turned off my computer just for extra safety.

Francoise can only plant on certain days according to her calendar so she is frustrated. She has done some excellent work with imagery by ‘drawing’  with a hot pen which is a wood-burning tool. It is going to form the top of a small garden table which I will be faithfully covering with several layers of varnish to prolong its life.

Sunday I went to a combined service / celebration at the Vineyard church at Mulberry Park housing estate in the south of Bath.  It takes place in the gym of the school. The building company had the brilliant idea of combining a school with a coffee bar area open to the public.

The service itself was informal to say the least. Rob, one of our local leaders, spoke about the basic type of things that you would expect on Easter Sunday. He was very moving – and move – so much that he had to stifle an emotion to keep going. I admire people like that.

One of the members was baptized and afterwards everyone laid hands on him in prayer. I was encouraged by the number of enthusiastic youngsters in the room. Sometimes the children at the back of the hall were a little noisy but in general the parents looked after them well. About 120 people were present. This is more like original Christianity before the Catholic church  got hold of it. But that’s another story.

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