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I and Francoise have a particular difficult problem on which pressure was being put on us to react in some manner or form.

In my dealings with people I tend to assume perhaps naively that their standards are moral and they will tell the truth. Unfortunately in this day and age (and probably in all days and ages) there are some who for various reasons do not tell the truth. Perhaps it is the survival instinct. Perhaps it is fear.

A friend visited from the Sheffield area and kindly came down to Somerset to visit us. We talked yesterday evening and then this morning. At the end of this time I had a far clearer idea of my priorities and objectives. When I keep an idea to myself there is usually too much emotion attached for me to be objective. Yes, survival and pride comes into it also.

Sometimes (probably most times) our emotions are bundled up with facts, some of which may be true, others of which may not be true.  We can sincerely believe something is true because of misinformation or Chinese whispers. We can dislike the person we are dealing with and this can obscure our view. We may need to repeat something several time to ‘get it off our chest’.

It is difficult to find people who really do care so that when you speak you are really listened to. My friend was such.  I feel this could be part of our intended practice. The two of us working together give a very good secure space – non-judgemental – for the client or patient to work out what they want, why they should want it, and what is important.

Onward and upwards as they say.

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