Invisible people + an evening of telepathy

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This is the Swallow Cafe, a facility for those who have learning difficulties. It is situated to the East of Radstock. During a break in allotment work I decided to visit it. I asked for a latte and a piece of cake entitled ‘Blondie’. It looked nutty and friendly but alas it was a sugar bomb and I could only eat a couple of mouthfuls.

Monday was clean op day and although it was after midday there was no evidence of any visitors. My order caused somewhat of a shock wave. Someone repeated by order by shouting to someone else.  After a slight delay one of the less-disabled people  maybe a manager came along and did the deed.  I suppose it was regarded as beyond the ability of most. When I went to sit down I was stared at by someone busily cleaning and polishing cutlery. A welcoming place it was not (OK it was a Monday)  but then these good people are attempting to make a new start in society so all credit to them for making the effort. I tried to make a light atmosphere by jokes and friendly remarks but I was just stared at.

I love the idea but the publicity needs to be better i.e. a sign outside inviting people to come and have a coffee or a lunch. It needs to be at eye level where it can be most easily seen. We need to bring the disadvantaged in to the community. I imagine that the long term effect of being ignored, misunderstood or ridiculed must cause a certain emotional shut-down and if you don’t have verbal skills or the support people to patiently help you then this is a mountain to climb indeed.

Another ZOOM meeting this time an ‘open mike’ with the Scientific and Medical Network . We were talking about telepathy. Most of us have had experiences when we say’ I was just thinking about you’ when someone calls.   I believe we are all telepathic. We were born with it but we have come to distrust it. ” If only I had listened to my intuition”. How many times have I heard this.

“We are all one” is a truism. Yes, we are all parts of God. We have God light within us so that communicates via quantum entanglement.  It is easier if we have a high soul affinity.

Let enjoy it. It is a natural gift and part of life.


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