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The aim was to time the visit so I could draw breath and be away from my immediate environment whilst a particular communication was going out announcing my departure as secretary from the allotment association that I have been chairing for the past 7 years. We decided to have a free day and do as much or as little as we liked. The centre piece was a visit to lunch at Za Za’s which is the largest restaurant in Europe with 800 covers.

I came across a most amazing cafe/restaurant just adjacent to the bus station. It was called Santiagos. It was like stepping back 20 years.

I spoke to the further breaded person who was the manager and said it was like a time warp. They were doing something very precious and please keep on doing it. I am sure that few customers bother to give thanks.

These pigeons obviously felt they owned the seating area and were sunning themselves

Every time we return to Bristol there are more and more ‘love knot’ keys on the bridge. It has become fashionable all over Europe and beyond, no doubt.

To the MShed where there was a photographic exhibition curated by the Natural History museum of London

To the permanent exhibition this time of the sort of boats used in the many hundreds of years since Bristol has been a port. Traders started operating in 1180 AD.

This dog was called Nipper, an icon of the recording industry. He original Master recorded his voice on a record and this is how the pup was painted, listening to His Masters Voice on a gramophone

In Cabot Square an exhibition of local high streets. This is a fading breed, someone with community mindedness.

The weather was kind to us. Sunny and lacking in rain. 14 degrees is tolerable. So back home we went by the 172 leaving at 16.20. Next time we plan to visit one of the many towns under the aegis of Bristol Bus Station. They go north south east and west.  All for nowt as we have our Freedom Travel Passes. We might as well travel whilst it is still possible.

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