A pictorial record of my visit today to Frome Somerset

Lovely sunshine and blue skies. A cool wind so you want to stay in the sun.

A visit to my acupuncturist Martin who focused on my kidney and my heart. He found an arrhythmia  in my heart and recommended I get a check up via the doctor. My stomach problems that have been plaguing me for years have eased due to a change in my attitude fostered by Martin particularly by telling me that gastric juices slow down their production in the evening when you get older.

Walking round the town I noticed that many shops in the fashionable side streets had ceased trading.  However the town remains beautiful and quaint.

The community spirit remains strong as you see from the notice above. It is a good place to move to if you dont mind high prices, small gardens and hilly territory.

A lovely compact garden very close to the street but making a statement never the less.

Public notice boards  tidy above and untidy below

Back home via Mells where I had a latte in the coffee shop / post office / grocery store. I met an amazing young man of 20 who collected old fossils millions of years old and artifacts from the 19th century and earlier. According to his father his bedroom is like a museum, full of interesting objects. I told the young man he made my day for having an activity away from mobile phones and computers i.e. an actual hobby.

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