All the world is a stage – even in Lidl

So the lady with a full trolley was so apologetic that an item had dropped off and smashed all over the floor.  A manager came along and carefully picked out the glass shards.  He then turned up with a wet floor cleaner machine and in a minute or so the whole was pristine.

I was standing nearly when I heard the smash of glass so camera in hand I recorded the scene. I saw a certain similarity of a map of Australia so I told the embarrassed shopper that she was an artist. A ripple of laughter spread around the adjacent shoppers. The woman was still apologizing but the manager told her not to worry.   I guess it is not the first time. Thank goodness it was not oil.

I had just had a replacement for my phone battery (one plus 6T). I had noticed that the battery was scarcely lasting a day. I got a quote in Bristol for buy and install in Bristol and the best price was £55. Here in Midsomer the quoted price was £40. I took it.

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