Our old-fashioned tea room / bakery

This morning we had the tree surgeon and his two assistants one of whom was his son.  Alan is a real artist and likes to envision not one tree alone but how a group of trees will look when pruned. They had a Husqvarna chain saw but also one on a long pole. It must have been 3m in length. The battery model makes for a light weight and good balance.   They were done in about 3 hours. I paid £480.

After lunch we decided to celebrate by going to my Chewton Mendip Tea room. We love it there. All cakes and pastries cooked on the premises. All fresh if a little heavy on the sugar side (sugar bombs as I call them). I have a latte and a chocolate cake. Francoise had a herb tea. We bought two lasagnas, one vegetable and one meat.

We always make the short walk to the old road and a ford. It must be a couple of hundred years old before there were tarmacked roads. There has not been much rain recently so it is quite low and not flowing fast. Imagine horses and carts driving through. Wonderful nostalgia.

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