A day of telephone calls

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If I recall this is my first diary entry about phone calls but they all seemed to happen at once.

Last evening I inquired about private medical insurance. This morning I spoke for about half an hour to a very keen and alert representative company. They act on behalf of eleven health companies. Aviva Health was mentioned. Apart from age they want to know if you smoke or have taken drugs. There are offers from £104 per month to £300 per month obviously depending on the level of support. For certain conditions you have to wait two years for treatment; after one year you have to take a medical examination. People are often offered a 15% discount if they remain well.  A discount is given for a spouse of a partner. After the chat I was sent some documents to read. There was no pressure.

I spoke to Peter, who is organising a conference on elector-sensitivity. He said that the conference was fully booked and had no spaces save for those who cancel. I discussed my plans for conferenceplus.net saying that this would give more value to the conference if people had time to discuss matters at leisure.  He was amazed that people were coming from all over the place including Yorkshire where people were going to travel down and then return the same day. Wow that’s 10 hours of anyone’s time. A long day you could say.

I spoke to my friend Ewa who is coming with us to a conference next Saturday. She was looking forward to accompanying us but thought she could get in on the door.  I disabused her of this and she jumped on the phone straight away. Good thing she did as a place had just become available.

I spoke to my long standing friend about a political and possibly legal matter. It is amazing how petty people can be when given the slightest amount of responsibility. A pleasant colleague can turn into an unpleasant adversary at the spin of a coin.

I spoke to my sister whose husband has just been transferred into a home run by Croydon Council. It is tricky to get to but a relief for her. He has altzheimers disease which are you probably know is progressive. He has become very much like a child.

I spoke to my favourite printer Solo Press situated at Southend on Sea.  It is a modern printer and everything is highly automated.  I made the mistake of submitting an A5 two sided leaflet on one PDF. The ‘system’ expected two items of art work.  OK they said they would fix it. They are famous for fast turnarounds.

I rang an old contact whose father was going to have a commemoration in the form of a grave stone. It will happen during June or July when people can be present who live abroad.  A brief exchange of news followed.

Also an attempt to reach another old contact with whom I am working on a book. I know he is very busy as his daughter is coming from USA in a couple of weeks so he has less time for other things.

I spoke to Terry, my long time local friend,  about the matter raised yesterday in my diary, the topic of King Charles.  Although I have been shocked by things during my research, I admit I was shocked by the thought that our King could be working for ‘the other side’ even being the anti-Christ.
We also talked of the possibility of having a spare laptop available. In return I could offer a TV monitor. ‘ Yes’ said Terry. He has one in for repair but it is 10 years old. It would certainly do for ZOOM, Internet, E-mails etc. He does not need a TV monitor.  I offered him a selection of my enormous pile of cables.  We both laughed.

This afternoon, Stacey, a new acupuncturist from Bath called me on request. I described my symptoms particularly my stomach and we agreed to meet for an investigation. This has been going on with me for upwards of 30 years and we have not cracked it fully, though it is better. Its all about intolerance of food (and could be EMF). I do not think it is systemic as on a good day the stomach functions well.

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