Something is afoot in London – a coronation perhaps

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So what could this be? I remember on the last coronation day I was on the embankment riding on my father’s shoulders. It was dark so if I recall it was a firework show or similar. I have to hand it to the Brits, we know how to do our ceremonies. I hear the event cost £275m. That might pay a week’s worth of interest on our national debt. But who am I to be a killjoy?  Let us immerse ourselves in the pomp and pageantry of nearly 1000 years. If David Starkey says so, it must be true.

# Following on my published video two days ago about King Charles  there is further evidence. ‘King Charles Coronation Reptilian Possession full moon ritual exposed’

# Here is another video published by ‘Big Gee’. 34:06  A coronation SPECIAL. Something of the history of the Royal Family in general.

# And here is another one, this time by James Corbett. The history of false flags. Nothing to do with Charles of course.

# The Dark Prince crowned on the Triple 6th Day of May by Sergeant Major Truther Info.  Very blunt language.

# Did The Church of Satan Send Their Priest To Oversee Charles the III’s Coronation? Wow. Quite a wide-ranging article from the Internet. Thank you ‘2nd smartest guy in the world”.

I had a delivery from Solopress today. Alas they messed up the printing by printing a two sided A5 job on one side. I suppose I can use it but I will still call them Tuesday morning and ask them to re-do the job.

I have started a huge tome about Mary Magdalene. It is very beautiful and evocative but hard going all 450 pages of it. A lifetime’s work by somebody.  I need to shut everything else off and focus on the main times of the events i.e. 1st century A.D.

So yes I know its May but we decided to have a good old log fire whilst watching an archive film about Pink Floyd and the music scene in London in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Ah, such nostalgia. It makes the rather indifferent weather less important.



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