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I spend most of my day reading articles mostly pertaining to COVID and the after effects. These I load on to my site, From time to time I come across articles that do not quite fall under that category but which are never the less interesting and relevant.

Nexus Newsfeed is particularly good at publishing high quality provocative articles without being extreme and sensational.

Here is a good one, title in the image.  Read it here.

An outstanding piece of work, mostly stating the obvious but joining the dots in a very creative way. This has started my day off in a good fashion.

Oh and here is my word of the day, Enosmia. Do you know what it means? It is the partial or full loss of the sense of smell.

Today Wednesday we actually had good weather and sunshine. We are preparing for the arrival of a guest who is going to stay with us for four nights. She is a kindred spirit so we regard her as ‘family’.  It does take some preparation. We always clean the house (guests are a good enough catalyst)  and prepare the spare room with its convertible sofa.  It takes about 2 hours to get everything ready.  Timing is all.


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