He is 95 years of age, she is 91

Watch this FB video.

Complaints about being OLD anyone????

Went to Wetherspoons this morning for my usual Freedom Breakfast plus a coffee.  Each time I go, the prices increase. This time I paid £6.40. I recall paying £2.45 during the latter stages of the Pandemic. The price is still cheaper than neighbouring restaurants though.

To Fosseway Press to pick up my posters for the event tomorrow. It is for those who are electro-sensitive. My pop-up service Conference Plus.net is for those who did not have time to chat with everyone and is in effect an extension of the conference.  It was one of those ideas that came ‘out of the blue’ so this augers well.  A dowsing shows that the event will be 90% successful.

I have watched two amazing videos today. One is entitled ‘Where are they Now? by Billy Carlson. Its about the Sumerians and the Anunnaki . Riveting. The second is from an extraordinary series of videos by Hans Wilhelm. This one is entitled ‘Are You a Lightworker? Why are you here on earth?

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