A conference for aware people – what a blessing

So this was a conference on Electro-sensitivity in a small village north of Yeovil by the name of Odcombe. 130 people attended. It was like being part of  a long lost family.  Frequency and wavelength are the key determining factors.

After the event we went for a walk in a valley that has not been touched since the 19th century. Old stone bridges, streams, fords give a glimpse of life as it was before the advent of tarmac roads  as we know them.

We met a couple walking their dog. He was a sheep dog about 7 months old.  He ran towards me and I sensed that he was playful and enthusiastic rather than being aggressive.

I circulated at the conference a new service Conference Plus where people could via Zoom make their further observations on life and everything.

I have been busy preparing myself to take a few day’s break so have been less diligent in keeping a note of my thoughts.  The thought of traveling anywhere puts some pressure on me. I cannot contemplate flying out of the country for any purpose.

Sleep has not been good and my stomach has been unforgiving of any unsuitable food – sugar is definitely a poison and I wonder what they put in wine.

Its day to day mode. Thank goodness the weather is better.

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