A successful visit to an acupuncturist


Anyone worth their salt will know about associated subjects apart from energy meridians. Stacey was the mother of two with whom I immediately clicked. I strongly felt I wanted to talk about my stomach which had been seriously misbehaving in the last 24 hours almost as if it had been poisoned.

We went through my complete food routine and realised that the main problem was the eating of ‘sweet’ food after the main course.  This was too much for the acid balance of the stomach and it basically threw up the lot.

Empathy between the practitioner and the client produces a stream of inspiration a million miles from the formula approach which I dread so much.  Within 45 minutes we had reached an understanding, an agreement to move forward and a discussion how to share the content of the session. I got my value in the first ten minutes. A result.

A walk down the hill towards Bath city centre where I met a new friend Adrian which is electro-sensitive and with whom I spoke at a ZOOM call last night.  He is full on and refuses to  back down on matters of fact and principle.  Good to have him on board.

A lovely day with temperatures approaching 20 degrees.  For the first time this year I wore shorts. Sorry to hear about the dreadful rain in Italy. It takes something to cause the F1 race to be cancelled.

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