An Arty Day in Bath

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The Bear Flat area of Bath in Somerset is one of the most sort after areas in the ‘arty’ field. Every year they have a festival where 20 or so artists and designers open their homes to the public and display their work.  They have a web site which is worth a look.

It is a great joy for me to meet and interact with people who are ‘aware’ at a higher level and are not like most of my Midsomer Norton fellow human beings preoccupied with survival and the routine things of life.  Lovable as these people are they don’t have the existential bandwidth of those who have for example traveled the globe in pursuit of photography or had some special skill – say IT – which has meant that they have lived and worked in various countries. I need reference points for my sanity.

An immaculate tok tok? but no it is more than that. Maybe a custom built item built for short term trips for tourists.

On the path down to the city we saw this sign about a man who had killed a horse due to cruelty. This was situated on a lane which used to be the main road into Bath from the South before the construction of the A road. Obviously there was a great local hue and cry.

We took our guest from Manchester, Andrew, round the city which on a hot bank holiday Saturday was bustling. Lunch consisted of a £3.99 ‘all you can squeeze into a plastic container’ salad at Morrisons. We went to the river weir, across the city to the famous Royal Crescent where we lay down in the sun in the park of which the Crescent is a part. Many tourists were in evidence, a good sign of a recovery after the dreadful covid con. I dont think that their fear tactics will work a second time.


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