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In the morning- we hung around then I decided to take Andrew to my very knowledgeable friend Terry. He knows a lot about American indeed world politics and all that is going on behind the scenes. He can speak for two hours on one aspect of a topic and has a great talent for lateral thinking.

Back to a light lunch. Off for a wild swim in a stream which feeds into lake Chew, adjacent to Chew Magna.  Publow contains a Church of All Saints next to which the rover flows.  The churchyard contains the grave of Aker Bilk, the well known clarinettist and jazz performer.

This part of the river is popular for wild swimming. Andrew delights in swimming and Francoise came in just to have a dip. We walked along some sunlit fields and found the straight stretch of water.

After we repaired to the Rising Sun Inn in Pensford on the A37 What a delightful find. Cider at £4 a pint, generous food snacks 2 for £10 and a very enthusiastic manager called Lisa. The chef is french, named Philippe, so next time we are there Francoise will have a chat with him.

I see in Trip Advisor that someone has recorded a ‘disappointing visit’ but that was in 2017. Of the 274 reviews, 232 were either good or very good. I shall add my review shortly. See restaurant/pub here.

The day was sunny but not all that warm. Maybe 18 degrees. A northerly wind did not help.  Overall, a good day.

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