A pictorial visit to Bath for my eye injection

To my great relief the uncomfortable chair which we had to sit on whilst receiving the injection has been replaced by a very comfortable mattress. Relaxing was far easier. Sometimes when I am injected I get a large red floater in my eye like a blood bubble which wobbles around on its own. It normally disappears after a day or so. I got one this time and I hope it does this time.

Prior to the hospital appointment I visited the Bath Society of Artists’ 118th Open Exhibition 2023 which runs from 22 April to 24 June. Its on at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath.

Whilst wandering in the middle of Bath I saw this very attractive menu, which is a ‘street-food’ type establishment with class. Love it.

The photos in the corridor were fresh and different as usual. Someone is doing a big PR job for the NHS.

The RUH are now offering supper to both staff and visitors so I enjoyed a cauliflower cheese with pasta followed by bread and butter pudding with custard. I ate at about 5pm and quite a few staff were streaming in after their shifts. I guess that with staff discounts it was more beneficial to eat in- house than go home and cook your own. Whatever the reason the atmosphere was its usual cheery self.

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