The Bath and West Show – my sixth visit?

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To sunny skies did we venture, arriving at about 11.45 to this one of the four largest shows of this type in the UK. It felt a bit like deja vu with many familiar stands so instead I decided to seek out individuals and chat with them in my normal endearing manner.

We first visited the Christian Churches tent where the rapport between the vicars was obviously close. There were five of them there and showed willingness and the aptitude to talk to the public. Free tea and coffee was an incentive.

This was in the horticultural tent and asking to be photographed.

In one of the main rings a steam tractor display

We can stand about four hours then we start to get tired. Prices are not cheap. It is difficult to find a latte coffee for under £3. Meat pies of any decent size are £5. I dont know about alcoholic drinks but I guess the price reflects the cost of exhibition space over three days.

The weather was lovely but the wind was cold so I am glad I went with a long sleeved jacket. We bought some goats cheese, biscuits from the Shetlands, a food mixer.

For the return journey this is one time when the AA app is useful for showing traffic jams. There were some through Shepton Mallet so we took the side lanes. A pleasant enough day. We got concessions from the £25 entrance fee so we got in for £23. Good value anyway.

I am making progress on overcoming my horrible and consistent stomach acid reflux situation. The slightest thing will set it off. For example I can drink a cup of coffee at 4pm I get an almost paralyzing stomach pain and bloating which can last until nearly midnight. I might eat a hard boiled egg at 6pm to fill in the odd corner.

Only recently have I come to the realization that ALL manufactured food is designed to maximize profit and look good and be addictive. The LAST thing that the manufactures are interested in is our HEALTH. I have had to severely cut down on sugar, all bread except baguettes, trifles and ‘sweets’ bought from stores,  mixing meat and starch, and dairy food including supermarket milk.  Today at the show I ‘wanted’ a coffee but checked with my system to find that ‘I’ did not need it. I felt far better and the desire soon passed.  As I write this at 20.41, the beginnings of the normal night pains were simply not present. Yippee!

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