To buy or not to buy an electric car (EV)

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Following a number of probing questions from myself to a friend who was staying with us, he kindly went to considerable lengths to assemble information to assist those deciding whether to take an interest in such cars driven by batteries with or without assistance from a petrol ancillary motor. I want to ‘store’ this information here as it may be of use to others.

Much to digest here - but if you're interested in actual truth / lived 
experience (from people who actually run EVs) rather than what someone 
with an axe to grind (and very little actual knowledge / experience) 
has to say then see below:

What happens to the batteries when they are no longer holding enough 
charge to be used in cars?

But wait:  At some point they will need to be thrown away - or, better 
still, recycled:

There's not enough lithium!

Lithium is rare and comes from only one or two places in the world - and Cornwall:

maybe use sodium?

..or how about a flow battery, for stationary storage?

Electric cars don't have the range!|range-slider-range:prev~next=0~600|range-slider-towweight:prev~next=0~2500|range-slider-acceleration:prev~next=2~23|range-slider-fastcharge:prev~next=0~1100|range-slider-eff:prev~next=150~500|range-slider-topspeed:prev~next=60~260|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=9

...and they're always setting on fire, petrol cars never do that!

This article suggests that EVs as a whole are statistically more likely to catch fire than petrol vehicles - but it includes scooters, which are usually cheap Chinese items with no cooling / battery management, or includes "plug in cars" which includes plug-in hybrids - so you 
realistically have two things that might catch fire - the petrol bits 
and the battery bits.  

Generally speaking the batteries on cars are outside the cabin, you have time to escape the vehicle in the event of a thermal runaway. Also cars are using safer chemistries now, LFP and Sodium Ion are now replacing the older, less safe chemistries:

General video debunking many incorrect statements:


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