Start of my “Video and Text” store + a question of priorities

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I have decided to use the diary as a store of must see videos as far as I am concerned.  They will appear at the bottom of the page so my normal diary writings will be in their familiar place.

My problem today is that of prioritization. I shall soon come upon my 79th birthday and I have no desire to slow down. However I do have to look after my own physical health which should involve walking and also doing exercises. I try to do the latter each morning but am often lazy. My friend of 84 years of age advises me to enjoy life and be buoyant;  **** the rest.  Difficult when I maintain three web sites.

With academic material there is so much coming in, most in video form, that is not only interesting in itself but leads to other fascinating by-ways. Where to stop?  When is the best time to read ‘other’ literature?

Our local music Festival ran from 1.30 to 7.30 today.  It consisted of various local bands and everyone was glad to sit in the sun and chat to each other.

To home. I cleaned my car with a jet wash. Amazing how it looks clean but when it dries the old bits are stuck to the pains. A little bit of soap does wonders. The front garden is enlightened by some wonderful poppies that always come out at this time of year.


video for the library   Following Jesus Won’t Save You: The Mind-Blowing Insight Shifting the World | Betty Kovács. Quite a mind blowing edition which I advise any Christian or anyone for that matter to view. You think the real mystic Jesus came to save us from our sins?.  Think again.

Richard Vobes – Meditation on a Canal.   How to have respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, with the benefits of networking.  How to breathe properly.

Try this for size. Oxford Physicist proves The Universe Isn’t real; We live in a Cosmic Hologram | Jude Currivan PH.D Ed – Is this world, and this includes us, an interference pattern?

Another expolitics episode from Michael Salla.  Are extraterrestrials dropping off babies to help humanity’s evolution? Our view of the universe is so…localized…    This may expand your view somewhat.



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