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Country and rural England are notable for summer fayres, usually associated with a church or a village/town. This time there was one at St Nicholas Church in Radstock, adjacent to Midsomer Norton where I live. During the day there were presentations by the Natural Theatre Company.

However, before that here are some new (to me) words. I love words. If I do not know the definition of a word, I will check it out and memorize it. Today’s word is kacocracy or idiocracy if you prefer. It is rule or government consisting of the worst of the people. Another version is kakistocracy but it means much the same thing. The word comes from the Greek …worst …rule…

Its related word Kleptocracy is a government whose corrupt leaders use political power to expropriate the wealth of the people and the land they govern, typically by embezzling or misappropriating.

Just thought you would like to know.


Anyway, back to the open day.  As part of the area of the church cemetery there is a pond where miners used to wash themselves after work. It looked a bit murky but swimmable. I reckon that recent visitors stirred up the clay.

This is a general view of the show with a live performance going on. There follow a couple of details of recycling services and some general philosophy in the adjacent restaurant.

It is always good to bump in to people you did not expect to meet. I met Paul, a member of a men’s Christian group and Ian Rousell who is priest in charge of the local church. We caught up. I like that when there is a soul contact, you can meet ten years later and just take up the conversation where you left it last time. Ian and I agreed that evangelism should be done by example and no one should be coerced or pressured into changing their beliefs.

Outside St. Nicholas church was a lovely tree under which two people were talking. It was asking to be photographed. I duly did.


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