Adventures on the Jurassic coast

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Wednesday was my birthday. So much has happened that I dont know if I will have the energy to write it all down. Left in the morning for a 47m journey to south Dorset. We stayed in a B and B in Bridport which was a mixed experience to say the least.   See my Trip Advisor review when it comes out shortly.

Bridport is a remarkable town, It is very cultured. Arty Farty events sell out. The affluent come here in droves to live. We stumbled on Market Day which takes place each Wednesday. Some images are enclosed.

We met a lovely couple from the Scottish boarders by the name of George and Kate. Kate had a lovely necklace on which she let Francoise try on.

Very funny. This was a baby’s top. Quite sophisticated.

ln the Bridport Arts Centre, the tidiest notice board I have ever seen. Control plus to enlarge. Here is another example.

Amazing shot of a wave caught ‘just at the right moment’ It was £175 I am tempted to buy it if and when I return.   I will be coming to the famous Bridport Hat Festival  which is on Saturday 2 September

Top recommendation for this wonderful cafe/restaurant by the evocative name of  Soul Shine. The location is 76 South Street, Bridpot DT6 3NN. It brings food to another level.   We had our evening meal here to celebrate my birthday

I dont know how people could have missed this obvious mistake. Fascinating how so many people along the line had not noticed.

A lovely shot from the beach at Charmouth

This museum may not look much from the outside but it is extensive and staffed by enthusiastic volunteers.

Very much aimed at young minds but plenty for adults to see as well.

It is amazing what you can fit in to 24 hours. We left Wednesday at around 10 am and returned Thursday at 5pm.  Good that the south coast of the UK  is so near.  Although the time period was short it still took me some time to re-adjust to being back.


This is a video from 2015, but remains relevant today.  Why should we celebrate CO2 – Patrick Moore. Global Warming Policy Forum Address, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London October 14, 2015  41:43

Yahweh – God or E.T. Colonizer?  Paul Willis.  Who or what was the God of the Old Testament?

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