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Saturday morning I received a letter from the Eye Department at RUH, Bath telling me that my Eylea injections for my wet macular were not going well and that they were proposing an alternative medicine, Vabyismo,  as the team consider it more likely to achieve success. Enclosed was a glossy brochure to inform me all about it.  I will give it a go.  Meanwhile I do have an alternative approach via another method, that of the application of frequencies.

I had already obtained in 2019 an electrical stimulus machine called the Diadens which can be set to treat a number of conditions.  I was told at the time that the ‘rate’ for wet macular was 20 Hz and to be treated twice a day for five minutes for a period of 2 weeks.   After much delay, forgetfulness and lack of discipline I have restarted the two week course. Let us see how much progress I can make before going back for the next injection. I would love to surprise them.

Thunder storms gave us a chance to clear the garden. I went to see a gardening job today. The front garden contains two cars that have not been driven for years, many pot plants. The garage is full of rubbish accumulated over the years and the back garden is so overgrown you can hardly get into it. I offered to assist in the front garden but cannot help with the back garden due to very poor access.  Sometimes people let things go for too many years.


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