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I attend a regular Tuesday event in a group which is an offshoot of the Vineyard Church during which people meet and share for bible study and fellowship.

Lest you think Christians are boring, we are a mixed Bunch that have a variety of interests in life and ways of earning a living. We were discussing the differences between vs airbnb and deciding which was the most reliable and reached no definitive conclusions apart from the fact that some people promise more than they can deliver.

We also discussed someone a so-called one of the group members who is working building a house in Africa who is cheating by not paying workers with money paid and so is putting the member of the group here in a difficult position. How to reconcile Christian forgiveness with the fact that a person has been dishonest which in a different culture needs to be tackled in a different way.

We also discussed someone who has a brother who sold a house as part of an estate and hid the money away so the rest of his family could not get at it. Question, use the do you use the law to challenge your own family members. The brother of this group member wanted to start legal action about this but was not supported. The thrust of this member  was on getting to the facts and then asking what the way forward should be. In other words they are in a pre-judgement modality which may indeed be the Christian thing to do. I made the point that a problem cannot be solved on the level that it was created so if you go in on the attack you will be attacked in return with intransigentcy being the likely result.

A member of the group is having difficulty breaking away from the Catholic Church and went from doing her Rosary to reading the Bible on clear instructions from the Holy Spirit. She says she went through a new age phase though with such a conservative group I did not pursue her

Due to Rising numbers of deaths we heard about someone having difficulty in registering a death due to the increased amount of paperwork required by the regulations. 6 weeks to do the registration hence the delay in the funeral

I spoke about the need for a partner to have time and space to commune with nature.

There was a new attendee at the meeting, a Caribbean person called Breeze. He did not say much but really enjoyed the fellowship and we decided to pray for him and his work. He lived in Brixton, which where I used to live in London so I knew Brixton Road, where he live. His specialisms include rap music and storytelling to children in both primary and secondary schools. I spoke to him about the joy of seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they first learned something and he agreed that it was very fulfilling.

Finally we were told that last evening on the estate of the house where we were holding the meeting, a stag appeared. Unfortunately it did not appear this evening. The stag was perhaps aware of the slight commotion arising from a crowd of people talking.

I contributed to the meeting by saying that time seems to be disappearing and I wish there were more hours in the day. I said that at 6:00 I can look back on the day and ask what I have achieved although in fact I have done quite a lot. I  need to question priorities or maybe trust. This is something I have to work on. ‘Work in progress’. I must not be ‘driven’.

The evening ended with prayer. I do not always get on with the terminology of prayers including ‘Dear Father God’, ‘we would ask you’, it sounds a bit like groveling. The point is that God is within us and we need to tune into ourselves and as Jesus said you can do greater things than I.

There is a men’s curry evening this Friday evening. I did  not get an invitation to it so I have asked one of the members to provide this for me.


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