Another visit to Glastonbury, and a men’s meeting

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Off to Glastonbury to accompany Francoise who is going to see a very special lady therapist called Virginie. She is also french. The reason for the attendance was to have some cranial sacral work on a twisted pelvis which has troubled Francoise for many years now. The therapist was very widely trains with many courses to her credit and did an examination of the energy centers as part of a very useful one and three quarter hours. There are some good people around but they are often hidden.

Incidentally on our way to Glastonbury there was an increase in traffic which was due to the forthcoming Glastonbury Festival which has been running for 50 years. When you are creating a town of over 200,000 the organisation has to be first class and the Automobile Association had gone to Great lengths to direct people this way and that. I am due to come to Glastonbury for the summer solstice and this is one of the days where they warned that the traffic would be significant so I don’t know how we’re going to make it there. Maybe we leave very early in the morning

Whilst I was waiting for the conclusion of the session I went round Glastonbury which always has something new to offer.


I visited a shop front which had the slogan ” always closer to the higher vibration “. The trading name is Figaro de Montmarte Ltd. Don’t ask me why. It was run by an amazing couple Figaro (a she) and the partner Tecla from Italy. I gave Figaro a spontaneous psychic reading and encouraged her very much with her talents and her balance between male and female. She was very moved to meet someone on the wavelength. I gave her a spontaneous hug. They play music together but do not believe in using YouTube as an outlet but I did find one old video which showed me something of their work. Here is another one from 2009

Figaro de Montmartre live on BBC comes on stage around unique metal accessories, creations made from salvaged vehicle springs which represent the weight of the progress used like a cockpit for space travel through their musical world.

I went to the Museum of Rural Life. I find that the world slows down for me. It is worth a visit. It is very good for children.

Then I went to the Goddess Center and took some pictures as you will see below. The atmosphere is very peaceful and attracts a lot of talented readers and healers. This centre has rooms in various colours and themes.

This is some mural art. I would like to see more of it in Glasto.

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine and discussed how much truth people could be faced with before they switched off and we decided that probably ‘not much’. I was reading the world Health organizations 10-year plan to corrupt and destroy the Innocence of children by for example making them watch pornography videos. The problem is that the mass of the population have been put to sleep by fear and never the Twain shall meet i.e facts vs fear doesn’t go.

In the evening I attended a men’s group meeting of the vineyard group which took place in Tunley which is a small village about four miles from where I live. It took the form of a curry evening. 20 others and I had the privilege of meeting a number of people who had very interesting occupations. One was a wedding photographer and he is one of the few that offers free consultations before taking on a project in order that he can get to know the clients and make a difference class of imaginative wedding for photography as opposed to the standard Bride and Groom pictures.

His wife specializes in baby photography which believe it or not is more profitable then wedding photography. I wish I could remember his name but in the excitement of the occasion I did not write it down. I really must develop the habit of asking for people’s cards. When I receive them I must remember to write down the context otherwise I will forget who they belong to.

The curry evening was good and full of spontaneous conversation but for me spoiled by a continually barking dog (of the host) who wanted everyone to play ball with him. There were one or two people who were not comfortable with dogs as is the case with myself so we had just had to put up with it. So far as I can gather, this was the first curry meeting so well done cook for feeding the five thousand.

There is a need for men to meet so I shall take steps to offer my services as an active group member if not a coordinator.

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