Burrington Village Fete 2-4.30pm

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Listed in our June edition of the Mendip Times. We thought ‘why not?’ This is a bijoux picturesque village , pretty as you could hope for, with a strong sense of community and very articulate, well off people. Find out more about Burrington here.

The vicar was much in evidence chatting to all and sundry. I wanted to talk to him but he was always engaged with his flock (try harder next time, Brian)

The Mendip society encourages people to go for walks in the area. We decided to join in and learn more about an area some distance from our local walks (about 16 miles)

The frequently seen antique cars. The white one was bought in 1947 with a proud owner of 92 years of age. A wander through the village produces a wonderful display of old fashioned houses.

I had a go at a raffle, 3 tickets for a pound, and succeeded in winning a bottle of lemon flavored water. Francoise had a go and also got a bottle of the same type of water.
Francoise bought some fresh vegetables and had a half pint of Pym’s for £2.50. I bought a newly baked sponge cake with cream and jam for £7.  They were offering cream teas for £4 with a scone, jam and cream and a cup of tea but I was not up to it.

Francoise won two coconuts at the coconut shie.

Afterwards we went for a walk down the magical main street and then along a footpath which would have taken us to the local pub.

All proceeds from the fair  went to repair costs of the community hall.

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  1. David Gent (Rector of Burrington)

    So sorry I missed you. Always happy to chat

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