Eye problems + the eve of Glasto.

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Last evening after being out in the sun for many hours I realised that I could not read text. Even the computer was difficult to read.  This was scary. I washed my lenses several times but no no avail. It looked like there was a fog or mist.  This morning when I rose the mist had dispersed somewhat.  I went to the optician and they commented that my symptoms were typical of a cataract.  I must check for the next two weeks and if the condition persists I need to return to them for a check.

To Sainsbury’s for a few things. I always look at the papers to see the headlines. Evidently a billionaire and a millionaire, one Indian, one English and three others are stuck in a submarine whilst visiting the Titanic. The sub is disabled. Contact was lost a day or so ago. Radio cannot reach them and  as the hull is made of carbon, it is difficult to trace.

 I saw this on the notice board. I love puns and creative use of words.

I am just taking part in a ZOOM call about the coming of AI given by James Turney.  Edith Bunker “The trouble with Archie Is that he don’t know how to worry without getting upset” Lets stay relaxed and we will know what to do.
I can see ‘worry’ as a moebius strip which can be partly dismantled  by objectification, analysis of the importance of the matter(s) in hand and possibly lack of faith.
‘Upset’ to me means being unable to cope which may require a supporter, and the discipline to avoid being angry which does no one any good.

A famous day tomorrow. 210,000 people will be descending on Glastonbury (Pilton which is about 2 miles East of the town). . The gates open at 8 am. Mot of them will come by car. We are hoping to attend the Midsummer Solstice so we will drive via Wells, I shall keep an eye the AA route map which gives reports on traffic jams with updates every ten minutes.

The sun shines. A large dragon fly hops around our pond.  I shall spend the evening reading.



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