Summer Solstice – I meet a Boris Johnson Impersonator in Glastonbury

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Today is the day of summer solstice but also the day when over 200,000 people arrive at Glastonbury for the famous annual event. We decided to go via Wells not Shepton Mallet and thus avoided all the queues as our journey would have been half an hour longer. We arrived at Chalice Well at 20 past 11 in the morning and were greeted with a fairly cloudy sky. The number of people at the summer solstice was about half the number we are used to and I think this was because of a large amount of competition from other events.

It was a pleasure to meet people on the same wavelength as I have said many times before. The ceremony took place at midday though there was an earlier fire ceremony at 7am that day. Caroline of the management committee and two others spoke to the assembled crowd gathered around the well head. I reckon there were about 120 people.

“This mid summers  today is about feeling the energies within. We want to make our heart bank available to the Higher Realms who then use it appropriately because they can see what we cannot. They then direct the energy…”

Quote from Tudor Pole “up in The Celestial regions numbers of radiant little angels carrying cornucopias filled with myriads of multicoloured and flashing stars which they were emptying into the dark firmament from where lines of light were being revitalized and spreading downwards towards the human world. So that is how they encourage us. All we have to do is not think about where we are directing our energy but there’s that loving our hearts. The simplest way of offering that energy is to say ‘here am I, send me’ “

After this we had a 10 minutes silence which I thought went on for longer than 10 minutes so I left. I met a couple of young people under the two big yew trees. One of them was from Barbados. This was his second visit, for his friend it was her first time. I was motivated to use one of my chat up lines about people looking happy and we discussed intrinsic happiness – which is beyond words – versus fake happiness which relies on words. I then did five or ten minutes on what I can only call a psychic reading. This happens to me quite spontaneously. It’s like there is a bucket that needs to be emptied and the contents of that bucket appear to me in the moment before I start speaking so I literally do not know what I’m going to say until I say it.

We spoke about the need to fly at 30,000 feet where they were no clouds as opposed to 10,000 where there is turbulence, we talked about the because of his happiness, (I forgot the name), some people will be jealous of him and he should not respond. The only Way Out is up. I felt that he should not feel guilty or grievous about things he had done in the past because he did his best with what he knew and also he should not take things personally that other people say because it is their problem not his. (I know I haven’t quite got this account right but that was the essence of it). I gave him one of my cards and off I went.

There was an impromptu music performance in the gardens. You can do almost anything here except use your mobile phone.

I next met someone called Dave who is now the head ground keeper at chalice well. I told him that as soon as I heard his name I knew I had to speak to him. He is a dowser and quite an amazing one at that. He spends the first two hours of his working time talking to the trees and seeing what they want in terms of energy. He says  that he finds the trees working on the problems of people who have just left. He said that trees do actually talk between themselves not just chemicals and fields between the roots. All this material was at a higher level. I said that it would be lovely to come and talk to him away from the hustle and bustle of the event and he said that we were warmly welcome. I love meeting kindred spirits like this

I asked him what caused him to apply. He has been in the gardening business for 20 years. Someone told him about this job and he was not interested.  With 2 hours to go they pestered him so he dictated a message which  had nothing to do with the questions that the interviewers asked. He was ‘the one’.

I also met a chap called Drew Galdron who is a Boris Johnson impersonator. I walked up to him the same as I walk up to anyone and he reminded me of  Boris’s hairstyle. He has been doing impersonations for the last 11 years. We had quite a serious discussion on what woke culture is and is not. His website is

I popped in to see Caroline Glazebrook who has helped me with her psychic and healing gifts or more than one occasion. She is a goddess person as are  many women who turn up and Chalice Well on these ceremonial days. We exchange pleasantries but there is really not the time to talk with so many people around.

We left and popped into the shop at the top of the High Street I mentioned a few days ago to see the one and only Figaro and her partner Tecla both of whom who greeted me with warm hugs. They do a lot of hugging there apart from selling crystals and so on. We went down to our health food shop and found a man there offering samples of mead which is a sort of sweet wine and I decided to buy the rhubarb wine offering for which I paid 12 pounds. My impression is that it will last a long time because it’s the sort of thing you sip and don’t have in gulps.

The by-ways of Glastonbury are picturesque and alluring. Visitors from abroad must love their quirkiness

On our way to Wells we popped into the Reclamation Center which has the most amazing eclectic collection of objects of all sorts. They also offer seasoned wood, old tiles,  anything old they do. There are literally thousands of objects that you could not find elsewhere.

To Tesco’s to buy some bubbly to celebrate the summer solstice.

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  1. guhnd

    From a friend:

    A lovely account of your day at Glastonbury Brian, thanks for sharing it. Loved the bit about your meeting with the head gardener and his thoughts around trees, having just had a session with a shaman who also happens to be a friend; she said trees are great absorbers of negative thoughts and energies we are trying to release. They take the emotional energy from us and transform it, releasing it back into the universe like oxygen.

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