Less is more – pond-skating does not reap rewards

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There are so many interesting nay consuming topics that I scarcely know where to turn. Every avenue leads to another avenue or avenues all of which have interesting aspects. This is now my challenge. Focus, and priority.

4am – Whilst in bed I felt strong pains and  prickles in the soles of my feet. This is an indication that I need to ground myself. It is the process of connecting your acupuncture points of the feet to good old planet earth and restoring the balance in your body.  I was only patient enough to do this for ten minutes but it made a big difference. As I concluded my ‘stand-in’ , the sun announced its intention of starting its progress across the sky. I like the way the birds announce the dawn. Nature is in such a wonderful harmony.

9am – off to the re-cycle to get rid of a few bags of grass cuttings and weeds.  Thank goodness the centre is so near. In my case it is just over a mile, so being careful to avoid school rush-hours I can make the dump in about 6 minutes.

This morning, a very important video by Dr Stephen Greer. To those of my readers who do not believe in extra terrestrial life  or have not heard about exopolitics, the video will  be of very little interest. The discussion centers around the suppression of many sources of free energy by the CIA and the American Government, specifically about the work of Nicola Tesla. Those who take an interest from above i.e. aliens have a difficult choice. They cannot interfere with mankind’s free will. If they move in to change certain things then this will be seen by the press as an ‘alien invasion’. If they don’t do anything then our present path of warlike intent will end in Annihilation.  The thrust must come from us human beings. Check it out.

I have spoken before about Braco, pronounced Brasco. He was born in Croatia and travels around the world holding meditations, making contact through his gaze. He never speaks.  I did a 4pm streaming session.  Check out braco-tv.me. Results do not normally happen during the session but afterwards.

The image below is the compare interviewing someone from Uruguay. She was named Virginia,  whose life has been changed by her encounter with Braco. She has watched his videos for 6 years before coming to Zagreb.

Where do I get the idea that the Americans have got it in for Putin. He is supposed to be defeated, half mad, about to run away, about to be assassinated. It could be because he wants to return Russia to traditional christian virtues. That will not sit well with the blood drinking, pathological, baby eating, greed filled ‘leaders’ of the Western world.

I dont know whether you are all aware of yet another service offered by Google and that is ‘TimeLine’. This is Google’s appreciation of what I did yesterday.  I do not know if it works when the phone it turned off. If we are to believe what we are told, there is a back door where the phone remains visible at all times.  How they tell the difference between driving and walking I cannot imagine.  Am I bothered by this?   Not really but if I were engaged on something illicit I guess I would be.

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